1D Imagines <33

An imagine in different scenes for each one of the boys xx
If you have any ideas please comment and I'll put it in here!


3. Shakra and Niall;) Clean

Hope you like this, btw GREAT IDEA!!! Wouldn't have thought of it myself!


You were walking down the hall of your huge school, recieving many comments from haters.


''Hay, skank, got bored of last years' clothes? OH WAIT, YOU'RE STILL WEARING THEM!''


''Cool shoes mate, do they come in cool?''


''What's up, slut? Did Baby Nialler dump you.'' You felt as though you would break down and cry here and then, but that's when Niall's arm was wrapped tightly around you. You dig your head into his chest and your tears start flowing.


''Babe, ignore them!''


''How? They're everywhere!'' You muttered, raising your head a little so that your facing him.


''You're chasing after anyone, if they want to walk out of your life, you can hold the fucking door open for them!'' Niall said, kissing the top of your head. ''You have me, you your friends, you have your teachers, you have your parents! You have all you need, you're fine. If anyone criticizes you at all, look at them, smile and walk away! They WANT you to feel bad, because they want to be you! You have the most adoreable jet black hair, you have those hypnotising hazel eyes that make me swoon! Please, just...pretend they aren't there!'' He kisses you on the head again, and a smile starts growing on your face, after realising that all he said is true!


''I love you, baby!'' You giggle, leaning in. He leans in too and your lips meet, sending you chills down your back. When you finally break apart, You realise every one's already gone to class.


''I love you, too, Shakra! I love you so much!'' He gives you the biggest Horan hug you can imagine, before jogging off to his class!


He always makes you happy!

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