1D Imagines <33

An imagine in different scenes for each one of the boys xx
If you have any ideas please comment and I'll put it in here!


4. Jayde and Louis (DIRTY)

Enjoy this, babeee:)



You were about to go to sleep, carefull not to wake Louis up from his sleep, but you weren't very good at that.


''Babe?'' He croaked, his voice making you secretly melt. He pushed the covers away from his body, revealing his six pack, and toned chest! You stared at him for a while, imagining what you want to do to him right now!


''Like what you see?'' He smirked, shuffling closer to you and wrapping his arms around your waist!


''Fuck, yeah!'' You whispered, closing your eyes, and inching closer until your lips finally contacted. The kiss got deeper and more heated and soon enough, his hand was sliding up your shirt, feeling it's way around your body. You moaned into his mouth as he pressed his body against yours, making sure you felt his length, which was sticking upright!


You giggled and pushed him closer, reaching your hand down to his zipper. You slid it down, and pulled his trousers down his perfectly shaped legs. Your head was seperated from his as your shirt was lifted over your head. You moaned, s Louis bent down to suck on your neck, hitting your sweet spot. He sucked harder and harder, clearly leaving a mark. You looked down, and felt slightly disappointed at the fact that his boxers still covered his privets. Reaching your hands down once again, you ripped his boxers off, grinning at what you see. A chuckle rose from Louis' lips as your bra was suddenly torn apart from your chest.


''Ohh, mann!'' Louis managed to stutter, clearly amazed at the size of your boobs.


''You want them?'' You teased, shaking your top half, as your breasts wobbled, making his eyes widen, and making him lick his lips. You giggled, before nodding, signalling he can, and soon enough his mouth was covering every centimeter of your boobs.


''My turn for a sweet!'' You winked, ducking down. You covered his dick in your mouth before he pulled it out. You gave him a confused look, but he picked you up, turned you around and dropped you on the bed.


''Ready?'' He asked, more like begged, and you nodded. That's when you felt it. He was now inside of you, increasing the speed second by second. You both screamed out, before Louis came inside of you, releasing the white famous liquid.


''Louis! L-LOUIS, I'M G-GOING T-TO CUM" You screamed, and soon enough, you did! You both breathed out, and Louis dropped beside you, smiling kindly.


''Bed time!'' Louis sang, kissing you good night.


''Night!'' You puffed, still red in the face, before dosing off!

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