1D Imagines <33

An imagine in different scenes for each one of the boys xx
If you have any ideas please comment and I'll put it in here!


2. Ella And Zayn 1 (DIRTY)

Hope you like this babe:) (VERY DIRTY CONTENT, READ AT YOUR OWN WILL!!!)


''Babe?'' Zayn shouts down the stairs, in his raspy morning voice. Your heart skips a beat, which always happens when he calls you babe.


''Yeah, baby?'' You coo up at him, smiling to yourself.


''I never got a morning kiss... and I can't be bothered to come down!'' He moans, chuckling at the last part. You giggle to yourself before pounding up the stairs for his morning kiss.


You peck his cheek, and are about to go back downstairs, when his hands wrap around your waist, pulling you closer to him. You turn around, but before you can say anything, his lips collide with yours, and his hands slip under your shirt. You start getting goosebumps with every trace of his finger tips colliding with your body. Soo enough, Zayn had managed to get your shirt off your body, and was tracing the edges of your lacey bra with his fingers.


''Oh, Ella!'' He moaned into your mouth, undoing your bra from behind. You unwrapped your arm from his shoulder, and slid it down his body, until you reached his boxers (he was only sleeping in boxers). Your pulled at the strap of them, before intertwining your fingers together and pulling them down completely. Your eyes widened at his length, as it was going to be your first time together, and he chuckled. Your bra fell to the floor and he grabbed each of your boobs in each of his hands, slightly rubbing his thumb around your nipples. You moaned softly as he started squuezing, bafore gliding your hand down his body once again.


Once you got to his dick, you wrapped you fingers around it, tugging at it cutely. That clearly turned him on, as soon enough, his dick was upright in a boner. You giggled and knealed down, your hands still around his cock. You opened your mouth and inserted his dick inside, gently swimming your tongue along his tip. That's when you felt it jolt out, and soon enough you were picked up, and thrown onto the bed. Zayn jumped ontop of you, carefully unzipping your shorts, and pulling them down. With them, came your pants, so that now, you were both naked.


''Babe, you sure? You don't hav..''


''Zayn, baby, just do it.'' You almost screamed, feeling the need for him right now. You wanted him inside you, and were ready as ever. That's when you felt it.


His entire length was sliding into your clit, making you both scream. When Zayn noticed the pain in your face, he went slower, but that's what you wanted.


''ZAYN! FUCK, ZAYN, FASTER!'' You screamed, as your eyes rolled to the back of your head in pleasure. Zayn laughed and did as told, speeding up at each second.


''ELLA! OH, FUCK, ELLA, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO DAMN GOOD AT THIS?'' Zayn moaned, as you both grinded your hips in perfect rythm. You gave out a screaam, just as Zayn came. Moments later, you did too.


''Ella,'' Zayn started, red in the face and huffing as though he's never breathed before! ''I love you.''


''I love you, too, baby!'' And with that, you reached in for another heated kiss!

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