1D Imagines <33

An imagine in different scenes for each one of the boys xx
If you have any ideas please comment and I'll put it in here!


6. Elin and Harry x

I really hope you like this xx enjoy <333


''Did you bring pencils?'' You nagged at Harry, leaning on his shoulder a little. He chuckled and turned around, pecking you slightly on your cheek.


''I brought everything, don't worry, babe!'' You nodded and carried on walking by his side.


It was a Tuesday, which is you and Harry's park day. Every Tuesday you both come down to this deserted park, and draw the thing you love the most in life. This week you were planning on drawing Harry shirtless scratching his head, as you had a picture of him doing just that on your phone.


''Babe...?'' You bit down on your bottom lip, slightly worried at the answer for your question.




''D-do you...really l-love me? Like, a--am I different from other g-girls?'' You bent your head and fiddled with your fingers, embarrassed at the fact that you have to ask your own boyfriend that.


''Baby, I love you so much it hurts. It's...it's more than a feeling, it's better than words. I don't even know how to sum it up, words ain't good enough, I can't explain this love. You drive me crazy, you'll always be baby, OK? I promise, you are nothing like 'other girls'...I'm going crazy, can't contain this love in here...'' He placed a hand over his heart and I smiled, nodding. ''Your turn, how do you feel about ME?''


''You...you make me feel alive, I love you more than love it's self. From the second I saw your gorgeous eyes, I figured it out. Nothing can come between you and I, baby. It'll always be you and I. I love you to the point I have to pinch myself to get myself to believe that this is real.  That YOU are real...Butt baby, promise me one thing...''




''Promise me, that one day...I won't have to wake up and find that you've gone. Don't leave me, please? Don't break you and I. Don't break us?''


''Never, baby. It's always you and I!''

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