Be a good girl15+


5. 3

One we got back to mr.styles house and let me tall you it was big . He showed me my room and then sat next to me looking in my eyes.

" I need you to hear me out ok am going to tell u the rules " mr.styles told me

"Ok mr. " Was all I could say .

" rules one don't call me mr . Or mr . Styles " he said "rule 2 call me master or sir rule 3 do what I said no buts or ifs rule 4 when I want sex you will give it to me if you like it or not rule 5 if I don't want sex don't ask ok and finally rule 6 if you do something wrong I will punish you for it " he sain in a boring tone as if he said it to many times .

"Ok sir sorry sir too " I said nice as I can



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