Saved by the Fuentes

Vic and the rest of Pierce the veil are on break from tour in a small town of Denver, Colorado. Isabella Ava Foster is a typical 16 almost 17 year old girl She's in love with Pierce the veil, Sleeping with sirens etc. She's abused by her Father and her Mom left when she was 6. What happened when she Meets Vic and Mike while running?


3. Help and hes back

Vic's P.O.V Finally a full month off from tour. We get to settle in the outskirts of Denver, Colorado just a small little city with a few neighbors for the month so we are good as long as we dont get bombarded by fans. "AHHH!!!!!!" I heard mike scream and a loud thud "What are you retards doing?!" I asked walking into the living room to see Tony and Mike wrestling we maybe adults but we act like kids. "I'm gonna go into town anyone want to come with?" I asked "ME!" Mike stood up  "Then lets go we're walking its not that far" I told him "Alright" I put in my Black vans and he put on his blue ones. We grabbed out jackets and sunglasses and put them on and left. "Im actually really happy that we get to relax for a month not that i dont love touring its just it gets tiring sometimes you know?" Mike said "We all get it Mike its not bad we just need rest time the fans get that" I explained We took about a 15 minute walk and started looking for a store to go into when we heard shouting "DONT TOUCH ME" was all we heard and then we heard a scream, It didnt sound like a fan screaming it sounded like someone is getting attacked "SOMEONE HELP!" We heard a girl scream Mike and I started running and we turned a corner into the alleyway and saw about 2 guys punching and kicking about a 16 or 17 year old girl. Mike and I didn't hesitate to react we jumped in and pulled them off of her. "Leave her alone and dont touch her" Mike said the girl backed up into a corner terrified. "What are you gonna do about it?!" One of the guys punched me in the face knocking my sunglasses off  " looked at him and then at Mike and nodded. Next thing that happened was Mike and I were beating the ever living shit out of these guys. "OKAY OKAY!" One guy shouted and they ran off. 

Mike's P.O.V After the fight was finished Vic and I were bleeding from the mouth but it stopped fairly quickly. The teenage girl was still in a ball against the alley wall corner she was in . "Hey are you okay?" I asked The girl just held her knees to her chest tighter. She was really skinny and I could see bruises all over her arms but they looked like old ones. Was she abused? Vic picked up a backpack and his sunglasses alongside the other wall and crouched down next to her picking "Is this your bag?" He asked she nodded and grabbed it "Are you okay" He asked she looked up and she was really beautiful and I could tell Vic thought so too. "Are you Vic and Mike Fuentes" She asked in a passive voice. "Yes we are. Whats your name?" I told her "My name's Isabella but you can call me Issa or Bella" She said a bit louder "You a fan" Vic asked "Yeah you guys literally saved my life" She said . Vic stood up and offered his hand to help her up. She took it and pulled her up "Are you okay??? Those guys hit you really hard" I asked her "Yeah I'm okay thanks for saving me" She smiled. Vic was literally drooling over her and I wanted to laugh at him so bad "Its not a problem " I said "Here come back to our house for a bit and we can get your cuts cleaned up" "I dont wanna be a bother I can go back to my place and do it myself thats okay" She said "Your not a bother your a wonderful fan who just got the shit beaten out of her and you probably dont even deserve it come on back with us" I told her. She nodded  and stood in between Vic and I as we started walking  "We'll get you next time slut" A guy smirked as Isabella tensed up and looked down I grabbed a hold of her left hand and Vic grabbed a hold of her right hand "Your not gonna touch her and shes not a slut you just make her out to be because your mad you cant date her or have her" Vic shot at them "You two pretty boys wont always be here" He shot back "You dont know that so why dont you shut the fuck up and go to hell" I told them as we walked off. "Thank you guys" She smiled "Again its not a problem You know your very beautiful your not a slut dont listen to them" Vic said We walked for about 5 more minutes and got to the house. 
Isabella's P.O.V Im with Mike and Vic Fuentes from Pierce the veil and they saved me? "Wait you guys live here?" I asked "Yeah why?" Vic said "I live the next house over down that way" I pointed to the right "Well then hopefully we can see more of you" Vic smiled as mike walked in the house "Yep" I blushed a little. "Lets meet the rest of the boys first then we will go get you cleaned up" Vic said opening the door as we walked inside. Im so glad I wore foundation on my arms today Vic lead me into the living room where I saw Jamie, Tony and Mike all sitting on the couch. "Guys this is Isabella, Isabella this is Tony and Jamie" Vic introduced I reached over and shook their hands "Hey nice to meet you" Tony said smiling "Hiya are you okay" Jamie asked with concern "Yeah Im fine Mike and Vic saved me, if they didn't I would've been screwed." I smiled "Okay good your very pretty by the way" Tony said. I blushed "Thanks" I replied "Lets go get you cleaned up" Vic said taking my hand and dragging me upstairs into the bathroom 
Vic's P.O.V Isabella is just amazing shes beautiful, shes sweet, shes shy shes just perfect. "Thanks for doing this" She said "Its not a problem." I told her I picked her up and sat her on the bathroom counter. She was in a Tank top and a pair of black denim shorts and i was obvious she was wearing a black Bikini underneath since it wrapped and tied around her neck.

"Seriously you could have let me go home and i could of done it" She said I wasnt about to let her get away that quick. I pulled out the Cleaning peroxide and grabbed a washcloth "Let me see her arms and Its the least I could do" I told her She smiled as I started to clean up her arms "But you have done enough for me which im not even worth your time! You and Mike saved my life again which wasnt worth yours or his time" She said I looked at her and scanned her face to see if she was lying. "Isabella your more than worth my time. Your amazingly beautiful you seem like you have been troubled a lot your hear by yourself, your independent you didnt deserve what those guys were saying or doing to you" I told her she just looked at me in shock and jerked her arm away from me and hid it. "Isabella..." I said "Vic........" She mimicked "Whats on your arm you dont want me to see" I asked "Nothing um I really need to go maybe ill see you around" She spoke quickly and darted out the door and down stairs. Without hesitating I ran down the stairs after her "Isabella wait up!" I shouted and the boys darted up too and caught her before leaving. She turned around and their was tears in her eyes. "Isabella please tell me... we can all tell its eating you up" I begged her I hated her like this and If its what i think it is i will die. She took a deep breath. "Just go into the living room and I'll tell you all" She said walking away from the door wiping the tears that came down her cheeks. We all filed into the living room and she sat on the Sofa with her hands in her lap. "Isabella if you dont wan-" She cut me off "I need to tell someone and you all have saved my life more than once..." She said this made Jamie and Tony smile "Whenever your ready" Tony said "When Vic was cleaning my arms from getting attack in the alley the foundation came off my arms....." She said and turned her arms over to reveal over at least 100 cuts on each of them "I self-harm and I have since I was 7. Before you start i need to tell you why.." She said we all just nodded "When I was 6 My mom left me and my dad because of my father.... Hes abused me physically mentally and emotionally. When my mom left everything got 100x worse. I fell into depression about the age of 8 and was in it for a really long time till I found you guys and it made my life seem better I'd cry myself to sleep and do nothing but listen to your music ALL the time. Ive been bullied all through school I graduated early im only 17. I probably have over 300  burns cuts bruises and scars alone" She said all we could do was sit there in shock"I have and suffer from Anorexia, Bulimia, Depression, Bipolar, ADD, Self-harm, Abuse, and really bad nightmares. No one has understood me in a long time only 4 people my friends Xander Nathan Destiny and Brooke. Nathan and Xander are the ones who saved me and got me away from my dad today. I just got here. I live just a bit away. Before I left home He did this" She said and stood up and took off her shirt off revaling a huge black blue and purple bruise on her stomach ribs and chest. along with cuts above her shorts. "Your DAD did that to you?" Jamie asked She nodded with tears going down her cheeks putting her shirt back on "Whats your full name???" Tony asked looking up from his phone "Isabella Ava Foster" She told us Tony nodded and went back to typing on his phone "Isabella listen you need to talk to someone or you feel like doing something to yourself or your scared or your dad finds you, DONT hesitate to call any of us if one of us doesn't answer call of us please your worth so much more than a blade, a lighter, or anything you use including the abuse do not subject yourself to any of it"Jamie said handing her a piece of paper with our numbers. I wanted to cry this entire time she was talking. She nodded pulled out her phone and put all of our numbers in and sent us texts with her numbers "Thank you guys and you guys can call me Issa Bella or bell doesnt matter"she said someone banged on the door and she jumped and screamed grabbing onto me "Who is it" I whispered to Tony who was at the door. "Issa come tell me if this is your dad" Tony said She stood up and she was shaking really bad I walked her over to the door with the guys behind me she looked out the peep-hole and jerked back as he began to bang on the door again . she fell into my arms "Thats my dad" She said really quite "Isabella come with me Jamie you too" We ran upstairs and into the attic while Mike and Tony  answered the door 
Isabella's P.O.V He found me Im freaking out i cant breathe "Im scared" I whispered pulling my knees to my chest rocking myself back and forth I heard them talking normally but im terrified "Come here" Vic opened his arms and sat me in his lap and I dug my face into his neck he was really warm and he smelt really good. "Your gonna be okay we arent gonna let him touch you" Jamie said I just nodded and held onto Vic as a loud crash happened down stairs followed by a scream 

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