Love me

I'm Lauren. A hot girl who's visiting her best friend in London. But the problem is: I'm falling for my Best friend's boyfriend. And I'm falling HARD.


2. Chapter 2

I brushed my wavy hair and did my makeup. My clothes was a white tank top and a green cardigan together with white tight jeans and red converses. I gravbed my wallet and phone and walked out of the hotel. Oh no. Already late. Well, gotta take a cab then. I waved one in and thaughted. I bet it's going to be a tense between me and Niall. But I can play.

At starbucks I saw Niall and Bonnie sitting on the outside tables.

"Hi Laur!" Bonnie said happy. "I ordered a nut and chocolate cake for you! Just what you like!" She said with a smile.

"Ow, I'm allergic to nuts...." I said. Her smile sank and she got a little amberressed.

"You can take mine!" Niall offered. "I'll take the nut one."

"Thank you Niall. That's very sweet of you." I said.

We sat and laughed and talked when Bonnie's phone vibrated. She had got an message from "Ashton Sexy Blake".

From: Ashton Sexy Blake

Meet up tonight? My lower part is begging. ;)

Bonnie's face got red.

"What the fuck Bonnie?!" Niall said calm but angry.

"I-I..." She stammered.

"Okay. I give up. Ever since I got together with you I had fucked him becuse you never wanted to do it and I had to!" She said angrily. That's when my part of anger came in.

"What the hell Bon?! You don't need anything! This cute guy has feelings to! Just becuse he wanted to take it slowly forward you can't blame that the reason you cheated on him?!" I yelled.

"I'm sorry Bonnie, but I'm breaking up with you." Niall said.

"Yeah. That would be a good idea. I'm sorry Niall. But I love Ashton and I couldn't tell you becuse I thaught you'd be angry. Honestly, you should have someone like Lauren here. She's never cheating and all she wants is not to be fucked. She wants love." Bonnie said getting more calm.

"Yeah..." Niall said.

"Let's go home. I want to spend some time with Lauren to."

"Can you forgive me Lauren?" Bonnie said. I was curling her hair.

"Yeah." I said short.

"I think you should make a move with Niall, honestly." She said.

"What dress are you wearing?" I said changing subject. She held a very very very very very very short black bare skinny dress in front of me.

"This one. Is it enough sexy?" She said.

"Yes." I said.

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