Tempest Black

Hey!! I have no idea what to call this, so I'm giving the first chapter, and if you could post in the comments what you think it should be named, that would be great. Thanks!
~Alex Firewood~


1. The Letter

I laid on my bed looking up at my ceiling. My letter should be here any second. Of course I'm talking about my Hogwarts letter. I'm pureblood. My dad, and mum are in Azkaban. So my Aunt takes care of me. I spend most my time locked up in my room, or outside in the forest just walking around. I strained my ears for the sound of an owl. "Dinner!" My aunt called. I sighed. I walked downstairs and sat at the table. I ate quickly and started to go up to my room. "Look here." My aunt started, "you can't be locked up in your room all day, and only come down for dinner! You are staying down here!"

"No I'm not" I said and went back up stairs. I sat on my bed, and finally I reached under my bed, and grabbed a picture of my father. He was the best man at somebody's wedding. I didn't really care who's. He had long black hair and was laughing his head off at something, I didn't really care what either. All I cared was, that was my father. Sirius Black. I heard the sound an owl's wings flapping. I got up fast, and opened my window. I tore open the letter, expecting there to be a list of items I needed to get, and when term started. But, there was only a note from Dumbledore.

Dear Ms. Black,

I regretfully inform you that you cannot come to Hogwarts this year. I am so sorry




I couldn't believe my eyes. After all this time waiting, and I couldn't go? I jumped up and grabbed my quill, and started to write.

Dear Dumbledore,

Why can't I go to Hogwarts this year? Is because my father, why?


Tempest Black

I rolled parchment gave it to the owl. "Take it back to Dumbledore," I said. The owl flew off, and I lied down in my bed again. I sighed. I thought about my messed up, crazy family. I was in my 4th year at Hogwarts. Before My dad went to Azkaban, he met my mum. My mom got pregnant, but she got sent to Azkaban a year before Harry Potter was born. my mum gave birth to me in Azkaban. I still have nightmares about that place. When the minister of magic came to visit, he was surprised to find a baby there. I almost died, but I was taken out just in time. I was given to my mum's sister. I shook my head. The sound of an owl shook my out if my daydream. I took the parchment from the owl. And there was only one word written on it, the answer to my question.


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