That One Boy<3

His eyes. His smile. His hair. Him...

Jenna and Ollie meet. They fall in love. Then they officially become an item, and Jenna couldn't be happier, but suddenly it's like they're drifting apart and she starts to wonder if Ollie really is the boy she fell in love with. There's love and there's lies, and Jenna learns that people may seem like angels, when really they're not at all.


4. The magic moment

They arrived at the café around 10 minutes later and chose a cosy looking table close to the window with a view of the browny-orange trees. Ollie pulled out a chair for Jenna, which she thought was really sweet of him so had to try hard to hide her blush, and they both sat down. They talked and talked for so long that Jenna had completely lost track of time, and when she checked the time on her phone is was 8.00pm.

"Oh no! I forgot to tell my mom I was going out after school, I need to get home!" Jenna squealed.

"I'm so sorry, I'll walk you home if you like" Ollie suggested.

"It's fine, don't worry and yes please, I'll just give her a call, hopefully she wont be too mad at me..."

They left their seats and headed out of the café door. To Jenna's surprise Ollie took her hand as they were walking along on the way to her house, but she didn't complain, she held it tight. Soon they were standing on the driveway of Jenna's 4 bedroomed house where she lived with her parents and older sister Scarlet.

"Well, I better be going. It was really great talking to you Ollie, I hope we can do this again sometime" Jenna smiled.

"Thank you, too, I had a great time." Ollie said whilst reaching out a hand and tucking some of Jenna's fallen hair behind her ear.

They looked at each other and said nothing for a while, and just as Jenna was about to wave and say goodbye, Ollie kissed her softly on the lips. It was the best feeling she'd ever had, and when it had ended she wanted nothing more than for Ollie to kiss her again. They both smiled at each other once more and Ollie gently walked away, leaving Jenna standing on her driveway completely love-struck and wanting to run back to Ollie and to be in his arms again. In the end she decided it was best to go into her house, as it was getting dark. She knew she would get totally told off by her parents, but she didn't care, she smiled to herself. That magic moment had been totally worth it.:)


(to be continued.) 


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