That One Boy<3

His eyes. His smile. His hair. Him...

Jenna and Ollie meet. They fall in love. Then they officially become an item, and Jenna couldn't be happier, but suddenly it's like they're drifting apart and she starts to wonder if Ollie really is the boy she fell in love with. There's love and there's lies, and Jenna learns that people may seem like angels, when really they're not at all.


5. Telling

A few days went past and Ollie and Jenna never spoke. She would've texted him, if only she knew his number, but she forgot to ask. It was the weekend, so they'd see each other at school on Monday, but she missed him so much that felt like forever. Jenna could hear blasting music coming from her sisters room, the kind of music if you listened to too much of it you'd defiantly get a headache. She banged on her sister's door as loud as she could in hope that Scarlet would hear it.

"What do you want" Scarlet scowled at her sister.

"For you to turn that racket down!" Moaned Jenna back.

Scarlet huffed but reluctantly turned off her iPod. Jenna was about to walk back out of the door back to her own room to check her Facebook, but Scarlet stopped her by saying:

"I feel like we haven't spoken for a while, we really need to catch up sis" Scarlet said.

"Yeah, I feel like that too..." Jenna paused, unsure of whether to tell her sister anything about Ollie, especially when it wasn't really official that they were going out. Yet.

"I've seen you hang out with that lad, he's kinda hot" Scarlet told her sister.

"Yeah, he is hot, and yeah, I've been hanging out with him a bit. Not sure it will turn into anything serious though" Jenna replied.

"Well to me it looked pretty serious when you were snogging him on the driveway the other day, and don't worry, I didn't tell Mom, I know how over-protective she is about boys. I just want the details"

"You saw that?..Well yeah, we kissed. It was sweet, but I'm kind of worried that he's going a bit too fast. He's not long broke up with his girlfriend, and he seemed pretty shuck up about it, that's how we got talking, I found him in school and he was crying, I mean really Scarlet, he was crying." Jenna rushed. Finally talking about Ollie to someone felt strange, but she wasn't sure how.

"Well he seems pretty interested in you, and I can tell you're really interested in him too, he's hot and everything, and you two would totally go together really cute, so I wouldn't complain, just go with what you feel" Scarlet hugged her sister tight before adding " Okay now seriously sis, I need some personal space, and you are really not doing me any favours here, I need my music now". she giggled.

Typical Scarlet. Jenna threw a pillow at her sister and laughed as she dodged the returning flying pillow that was coming her way. She darted out of her sister's room and felt pleased that she'd opened up to someone about Ollie. But what she didn't know is what was about to come next.


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