That One Boy<3

His eyes. His smile. His hair. Him...

Jenna and Ollie meet. They fall in love. Then they officially become an item, and Jenna couldn't be happier, but suddenly it's like they're drifting apart and she starts to wonder if Ollie really is the boy she fell in love with. There's love and there's lies, and Jenna learns that people may seem like angels, when really they're not at all.


12. Jodie

"What's her name?" Jenna asked Ollie, pointing towards 'the girl at the lockers' who was snogging one of the boys off the school football team.

Jenna and Ollie were sitting on the grass at school, eating cookies.

"Her? That's Jodie, why?" Ollie asked

"I just wondered, she's in a few of my classes, I didn't know her name" Jenna wasn't completely telling the truth, but she didn't want to tell Ollie about what Jodie had been saying. Not yet anyway.

She decided she was going to find Jodie after school, and try to get her to explain what she was going on about. Jenna needed to make sense out of all this, before she made any decisions whether to believe Jodie, or to confirm that Jodie's just a bitch trying to break her and Ollie up.

The bell sounded and teenagers started filing into the school building. Ollie stood up and helped Jenna to her feet before giving her a kiss and saying "See you later, baby"

Jenna made her way to History, thinking of what she was going to say to Jodie in a couple of hours.


Jenna caught sight of Jodie and called her name. Jodie turned her head towards Jenna, making her hair swish.

"What do you want?" Jodie asked rudely.

"I wondered if I could talk to you"

"If you've come to thank me for telling you how much of a loser Ollie is, you're welcome" Jodie snapped.

"No, I wanted to ask you what you meant about all that" Jenna said.

"I seriously do not have time for this, but if it means helping you then maybe I can spare a few minutes. Oh btw, I still don't like you very much, so don't expect us to be 'friends'" She said the word friends like it was actually in inverted commas.

Jodie signalled for Jenna to follow her and she strode into the school library.

"Sit." She ordered.

Jenna took a seat on the opposite side of the table to Jodie.

"All I'm gonna say is, you might think I'm making this up, but I'm not. Take it from me I've been there, and I know what Ollie's like." Jodie pointed out whilst admiring her perfectly manicured nails.

"Well, the day you broke up with him I found him by the lockers, and he was crying. That's how I first met him" Jenna said, confused.

"Oh, he wasn't crying because I broke up with him. He was crying because I threated to ruin his life. Well, ruin his xbox anyway, I threw it out the window. See how much a boy's xbox means to them?" Jodie laughed.

"That cant have been the reason he was crying like that..."

"Maybe he was faking it. He was always good at faking stuff, so people feel sorry for him. It's like his speciality, it's a trap. You feel sorry for him and then he's got you wrapped around his little finger, and you think he loves you but you're just another one of his victims."

There was something about the way Jodie said it that made Jenna really believe it was true.

"He cheated on me, with my best friend" Jodie explained.

The seriousness of Jodie's voice told Jenna all she needed to know. Her brain believed all this but did her heart?

"Anyway, I gotta dash.Hope I helped" Jodie stood up and walked out of the library, leaving Jenna still sitting at the table with tears in her eyes.


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