That One Boy<3

His eyes. His smile. His hair. Him...

Jenna and Ollie meet. They fall in love. Then they officially become an item, and Jenna couldn't be happier, but suddenly it's like they're drifting apart and she starts to wonder if Ollie really is the boy she fell in love with. There's love and there's lies, and Jenna learns that people may seem like angels, when really they're not at all.


9. because whatever she wanted, she got.

It was a mad night when Jenna got home. She lay in bed thinking over all the events, the fact that, for the first time in ages, she'd finally got a boyfriend, and the fact that he was one of the sweetest boys she'd ever known. But she wasn't just thinking about the happy things. Once she got home she discovered something that had made her feel like she'd just been stabbed in the chest...

As she walked in the door her sister Scarlet jumped at her, firing questions at her like mad. things like 'what happened?' did you kiss?'

"Calm down..It should be me being excited, not you" Jenna joked.

"Yeah well I like to know these things" Scarlet snapped back.

"Well, he asked me to be his girlfriend!" Jenna grinned.

For a while Scarlet was silent, and Jenna couldn't quite understand what her facial expression was showing.

"Cool" Scarlet said, breaking the silence.

"Don't act too happy for me" Jenna replied.

"Don't you think he's rushing into things, ever thought he's probably using you or something? Using you to get to someone else?"

"I don't know what you mean. Ollie wouldn't do something like that..." Jenna trailed off.

"Well how would you know? It's not like you actually know him that well!" Scarlet was shouting now.

"Why are you saying this Scarlet?" Jenna asked, worried.

"BECAUSE I WANT HIM! OKAY?! Scarlet screamed.

Jenna's knees began to wobble, her sister had never acted like that with her, never shouted at her like that. Scarlet wanted Ollie, Scarlet, her own sister wanted Jenna's boyfriend. Jenna didn't know how to react. Surely Ollie wouldn't use her to get to Scarlet, or would he? Jenna's whole head was spinning as she lay in bed, tears falling onto her pillow while she lay staring up at the dark. It was worse enough that Scarlet wanted Ollie, but one thing Jenna knew for certain, was that whatever Scarlet wanted, Scarlet got.



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