My New School

My names Nicola, i recently just moved from Dublin so i now have to attend a new school.
Unfortunately there is this girl, Mia and her Bitchy friend Samantha and they seem to make my life a living hell so i'm going to do something about it.


1. The First Day

Nicola's P.O.V


"Nicola!" I heard someone shrill from downstairs, sh don't get up maybe she'll think i'm really ill and should stay at home. " Nicola!" I heard the same voice echo through the entire house silencing anyone who was in ears range. 

I groaned and rolled out of bed, she wouldn't have shut up otherwise. I slumped over to my drawers and pulled out the hideous school uniform; Blazer, tie, jumper, skirt, tights, and polished shoes. 


About ten minutes later  i slid down the banister into the kitchen to be greeted with breakfast. This was the life, if only i didn't have to go to school. Why do we have to? Its every child's nightmare. 

I grabbed my bag and set foot outside into the wide world of rain. I groaned, it had to rain today.


* * *


I ran inside of the school my white knee high socks now grey with splodges of mud trailing up them from my muddy shoes. I looked at the corridor. Empty. Shit i'm late for lessons. I looked at my schedule, Maths in D block classroom 9. I rushed into the classroom only to be stared at like a maniac.  

" Nicola i presume ? " The teacher asked, I nodded and went fuchsia.  " You sit here " She mumbled and pointed to a seat next to a brunette boy with Brown eyes. I nodded again not saying a word. I sat down and got given a book to write my name on, I placed my pencil-case onto the table and placed my fountain pen on the cover staining my book with my name. 


" Writing in pen, drawing in pencil if you do either wrong somehow i will make you re-do the piece of work. And don't forget margins no more than 2 cm please " The teacher nagged. God she goes on doesn't she? This is going to be such a long hour..

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