Finding Hope

Harry Fanfiction

Meagan Lester takes off on a life changing journey. Not planning on returning she goes through thick and thin trying to find some where that she truly belongs. Will she find love?

Read more to find out!


4. Chapter 4:

Chapter 4:

Meagan's POV:

As I fell into the sweet, green grass of London, I could hear Harry's voice,"Meagan!! I will find you don't worry!" His voice started to fade away as the train sped past. Then stopped at the train stop about a block down, FAIL!! This is just great...

I could see Harry speed off the train as his head jerked in my direction.

(A/N: Haha direction, sorry get back to reading!)

"Harry I need to leave!" I said as he ran to me. "But---", "No Harry I need to go! I'm sorry, I just need to do this ok?" I said looking up into his eyes. He just simply nodded letting his head hang down. "Thank you, now I better go before it gets dark." I said. "Bye Harry." I walked away feeling awful I just left him like that.

Harrys POV:

"Wow mate, who was that hot girl running off with your jacket?" Niall asked.

-sighs- "Meagan, Meagan Lester." I said sighing once again watching her run off into the world.

"We met in the train car behind ours. I didn't even get her number......" I croaked out.

"That's okay mate, I'm sure you'll see her around." Niall said trying to calm me down patting my back.


Meagan's POV:

-Later that evening-

"I need to find a place to stay, twenty dollars can't rent a hotel room. Ugh! What am I going to do?" I continuously asked myself walking down the street.

Bright lights flashed my eyes making my vision streaky, hmm. Motel James----

( idk if it's real sorry if it is )

--might as well try my luck.

As soon as I walked in, I knew I was not welcome here.

"Hey, yeah you! You got any money?" One of the workers yelled at me as I walked through the doors.

"Uh sorta......" I said un-sure of where I stand.

"Sorta? Doesn't sound good enough! GET OUT!!" They yelled shoving me out the door.

"This hotel is for the rich and prestigious, not poor and lanky!" They yelled as my body hit and scrapped the hard gravel.

"Great! Now I'm all bruised and scruffy! I defenetly won't get in anywhere now!!!" I said to my self trying to lift my weight off the ground.

"Hey Babe, whatcha doing all alone at this time of night?" A drunk unknown stranger asked slurring to me as the sun started to set and the lights began to shine bright like the sun.

"Get away from me," I said pushing the creep off of me.

"Come on baby! Just one kiss----" He said puckering his lips. But I just kept resisting. "Playing hard to get huh are we?" He said taking my back pack. He quickly hoisted my pack into the air as High as it could go.

"Kiss me or I will beat you AND destroy your precious back pack and the valuables inside. Choose wisely........" He slurred with a smirk.

"Fine I will kiss you." I said crossing my arms hoping this will work.

"Good choice babe." He said leaning in to kiss me. But I was too quick for him, I punched him in the face, grabbed my back pack and ran!

"Hey you little Hoodlum get back here!!" He yelled running after me.

He finally fought up to me and started to beat me senseless. I couldn't feel my Arms or legs, or practically anything. Tears were streaming down my face as I cried and yelped in pain, hoping sometime would find me.

Harry's POV:

As I was driving down the street in my car I could hear screaming for help and what sounded like a dog with them. I turned the corner only to see some lunatic beating, Meagan?????

I pulled over and raced to where she was. "You leave her alone!!" I yelled pointing my finger at him sternly.

"Oh and what are you ganna do about it pretty boy?!" The creep who beat Meagan yelled.

I went in to punch him and he quickly punched back. We fought and threw punches, kicks, and even beat with some random thing off the street.

After a while he gave up, "Your crazy!!!" He yelled holding his arm probably running home to his Mommy.

"Meagan are you okay?!?" I yelled kneeling down on my knees. "I'm much better now that your here." She said smiling with her broken ligaments flung everywhere.

Even broken we could both pull enough energy to lean into each other, and our lips connected. It was pure fire works! Almost as if nothing else in the world mattered......

(Sorry for the horrible description, I didn't know what to describe it like lol sorry)


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