Finding Hope

Harry Fanfiction

Meagan Lester takes off on a life changing journey. Not planning on returning she goes through thick and thin trying to find some where that she truly belongs. Will she find love?

Read more to find out!


2. Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: ( before Meagan jumped on train)

Harry's Pov:

Ugh I'm so bored. We have been sitting on this train for 2 days! "When will we be there!" I groaned. "We should be entering London tomorrow morning." Paul said. All I could do was stare out the window at the angel white fluff called snow fall from the sky. What the heck..... There was a girl around my age, who was standing next to the track up ahead. What does she think she was doing?! I watched intensely as she leaped and jumped into one of the train cars right behind us. "Did you guys see that?!" I yelled shocked. "See what?" They all said In unison. "Nothing."

I was going to go check that out. "Hey guys I'll be right back....." I said slowly. Nobody responded. I tiptoed to my jacket, snached it up and proceeded to make my way to the back door of the train car. The door opened without ease as I slid through. As I quickly opened the door the the car behind us the chill got me and I was glad I had my coat. As I entered the train car I saw a small figure at the back of the car draped over a backpack. Feeling around the wall, I found a light switch and flipped it to reveal a sleeping teenage girl.

( I don't know if they do have that or not I'm just Ganna pretend )

She was actually quite beautiful if I do say myself. Tip tap tip tap, was the sound of my favourite boots as I tip toed over to the sleeping girl. Sat down and as I did her eyes flittered open to show the most beautiful crystal blue eyes I have ever seen! She was absolutely breath taking.

"Hello, I'm Harry. Did you sleep well?" I asked. Her eyes quickly widened as se screamed and scrambled to the corner. Was she scared if me, or did she see a spider? "Come on love I'm not going to bite." She still didn't trust me. "I'm sorry if I scared you but, I saw you jump on the train and I was just curious." I explained making her loosen up.

"I won't tell anyone you were in here." I said getting up and started to walk out. She clearly didn't want me here. "Wait." I heard a faint whisper. I turned and saw her sitting there against the wall. I rushed to her side and sat next to her. " I'm Meagan," she smiled putting out her hand. We shake hands. "Harry." I said back smiling.

We talked for a while and she told me the whole story of why she was here. " I'm sorry-" she cut me off by saying "No don't be sorry for me, I hate it when people do it makes me feel bad."

She shivered. "Don't you have a coat?" I asked. "No but I have this." She said pulling a baby blanket out from her pack. I grabbed it from her and wrapped it around her. "Here." I said taking off my coat and putting it on her. "Toasty, thanks Harry." She said looking into my eyes making them connect.

She leaned her head on my shoulder and I wrapped my arms around her making it so she was laying in my lap. Her breathing started to slow as we both fell asleep.


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