Finding Hope

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Meagan Lester takes off on a life changing journey. Not planning on returning she goes through thick and thin trying to find some where that she truly belongs. Will she find love?

Read more to find out!


1. Chapter 1:

Inspired by: Where you Belong ~ One Direction

Meagan Lester:

I'm 17 years old, I Chestnut brown naturally curly hair, ocean blue eyes, and I'm 5 ft and 6 inches tall. I have Really long legs, fingers an toes. My personality is well, I love camping, love to read, I'm kinda shy, I'm not that funny, sometimes i can get a little angry but I'm mostly positive and always happy and cheerful especially when it's Christmas time. I sorta like to sing but I'm terrible! It's like nails on a chalk board. ( I can just imaging that. Ouch my ears hurt haha ) I like all kinds of artist like Taylor Swift and One Direction.

It all started with a girl. Yes a girl, who forgot where she belonged. So she packed up and set off to find her own place to call home. Not knowing that home had more meaning than meets the eye.

Home~ A place to feel safe and somewhere you can be loved by family.

Meagan's POV:

Hello my name is Meagan, Meagan Lester.

The moon light that shone through the train car was just faint enough for me to see the light snow falling down from the heavens and the caved in thing I called a stumic.I haven't eaten in days. The clothes I wore that were once nice and clean we're now ripped to shreds and covered in filth. What do expect from a run away? Yes, I sort of ran away. This is how it started.

FlashBack Time!!

"How come you never tell me things?! I feel so left out of every thing! You take my sisters to see Granny before she dies and I have to clean the whole house! In starting to think you don't even care about me! Actually, I know you don't!" I said with lumps in my throught and tears staining my face.

"We'll I sure don't care for you when your screaming your head off at me! I suppose your right," she paused," I do like them better than I ever liked you! When your parents died who took you in? I did! Who picked you out and saved you since The Lord knows you never would have been picked by anyone else! I did! And now I see that was a huge mistake." My stepmother Tiffany yelled at me.

She knew I didn't like to talk about my parents. They were everything to me, and nothing less. They died when I was 7. When I went to the foster home they told me I had a brother. I never did meet him or know his name. When Tiffany came to adopt me she fooled everyone including me with her fake smile and attitude. For the first few years I thought she was nice and cared for me. Then she had the twins. Everything changed then. She took them everywhere she took me, told them the secrets she only told me, and let them have my room. I was then moved to the basement. It was then that I realised how much she hated me. I've hated her ever since. Now at the age of 17, 10 years later, I was fed up with her.

"Maybe if you were more like Brianna and Jessica then I'd like you more!" She yelled bringing me back down to earth and out of my thoughts.

I couldn't take this anymore. I screamed stomping down the stairs to my room and packed a small back pack full of stuff. One pair of black skinny jeans, my Taylor swift shirt and a pair of black converse. That should do for clothes. For now at least. I then put in my wallet containing $20. I know , I don't have much money but it's some right? I also threw in my phone, phone charger ( I could use it if I ever find a place to stay), family pictures, baby blanket My father gave to me when I was 2, and certainly the most important, my mother's golden heart locket and father's old lucky ring.

I grabbed my bag, threw on my sandals, pink coat, and ran up the stairs and out of the house.

I ran for days, avoiding people, and many attack dogs that had gotten me. Then I came upon the train tracks that head East and waited. When I heard the rubble of the train's engine I knew it was about time. So I climbed up on the fence and tightened my back pack and jumped into the train car just as it zoomed past. And my luck their wasn't any other sto-aways in this car.

I fell asleep and woke up to the faint moonlight shining. I checked my compass I had brung along just in case. Perfect, if I stay on this train for a while it will go through London. I will get off their, that should be far enough away from my step mother.

End of Flashback!

And that's how I ended up in here. It's warmer than I expected especially with all this snow.So I removed my coat, the wind saw it as the perfect opportunity to blow in my direction. "No!" I yelled as the wind carried my coat away. "Bummer." I said lucky it wasn't cold in the car. *Yawn!* I laid my head down on my back pack and went back to sleep trying to pass time.


Hello Munchkins!!Yes I made ANOTHER movella! This is definitely my favorite of all 3 I have now published. So I hope you enjoy reading it just as much as I did writing it! :)

On another topic, I got a Co-Author for Started with a Headache!

Welcome Harrys_Little_Minion_x!! I'm really excited to be working with you. :)

~ Mama Bird

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