Save us!

Beth ecaped. Megan stayed what happens when they see eachother again?
Beth and Megan have an abbusive dad who torches them one day Beth ran away and Megan stayed behind. What happens if their dad goes to jail and Megan is alive without Beth knowing? What if Megan has turned dark like her dad? What if their dad escapes from jail? What happens if the only people who can save them are 5 boys?


1. Where is she!


"MEGAN!!!" Dad screamed. I didn't answer i was so sore from the night before my dad abused me bad...... Really bad im cant belive Beth left me...

"MEGAN!!" Dad slapped me. I could fell anger inside of me.

"OH! What the f*** was that for you b******?!" I said.

"Dont you DARE talk to me like that... WHERE IS YOUR SISTER!!!" I didn't respond

"WHERE IS SHE!" He said.

"F*** YOU!" I spat.

"You shouldn't of said that!" He said. Then it all went dark.

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