Save us!

Beth ecaped. Megan stayed what happens when they see eachother again?
Beth and Megan have an abbusive dad who torches them one day Beth ran away and Megan stayed behind. What happens if their dad goes to jail and Megan is alive without Beth knowing? What if Megan has turned dark like her dad? What if their dad escapes from jail? What happens if the only people who can save them are 5 boys?


4. She needs me...


Ok for the past 2 days i have had nightmares....Really bad nightmare about Megan and dad... So i decided that...Im going to turn him in...Im not scared anymore!

"HEY!" Louis said as he came in with the boys.

"Oh hey..." I said picking up the phone.

"What ya doin?" He asked childish

"Calling the police.." I said casually.

"Why?" They all said at the same time.

"......To report my dad..." I said as i typed in the number.

"Your dad..." Louis echoed.

"Yeh....Ive been having visions about him and my sister Megan you know how i told you that she died...well i thought she did im such a idiot!" I said.

"But you told me that she died in a car crash!" Louis said.

"No... The truth is that our father used to abuse us...One day he cut her arm really bad! And she fell i thought she died why didnt i stay to find out because now she needs me...

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