Save us!

Beth ecaped. Megan stayed what happens when they see eachother again?
Beth and Megan have an abbusive dad who torches them one day Beth ran away and Megan stayed behind. What happens if their dad goes to jail and Megan is alive without Beth knowing? What if Megan has turned dark like her dad? What if their dad escapes from jail? What happens if the only people who can save them are 5 boys?


12. I know...


God i hope i got the right adress... I knocked on the door. No answer... I knocked again and again until someone answerd. H was taller that me and had curly hair.... Hes hot!

"H-Hi.." He said.

"Hey.." I said shyly.

"Is Beth in there.." I asked.

"Why?" He asked.

"Its personal.." I said a bit annoyed.

"Are you a hater?!" He asked.

"WTF NO! But i do have usefull information regarding someone she lost.." His eyes grew wide.

"BETH!" He shouted. Beth came to the door.... Shes been crying and her boyfriend came beside her.

"Hi. I-"
"Sorry but were busy at the moment.." The guy said i think its Louis...

"No no i just wanted to say tha-"
"Please come again la-"
"SHUT UP!" I screamed. He stood there shocked.

"Anyways.. Beth?" I asked looking at the girl.

"Y-Yes?" She asked.

"I know where megan is..."

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