Loved You First

Heather Ford just joined Prince Hamish High School and meets a curly haired boy known as harry. She is there throughout his journey on the X Factor and meets the rest of One Direction as they are formed. But is it harry she really likes?


2. Kiss

 2 Hours Later


"Hey its break, do you want to hang out with me?" Harry asked.

"Yea please" I said.

I followed him to his friends, he introduced me to them all. There was two girls called Shannon and Demi. Shannon had Short bobbed hair that was black, she was also earing neon makeup and black nail varnish. Demi had long blonde hair and no obvious makeup. There was also three boys, Michael, Johnny and Bradley.

"so, how old are you?" he asked

"16" I said


Suddenly he pushed me up against a tree and kissed me passionately, I went along with it.

"Sorry I just couldn't resist." he said

I didn't know what to say to I just smiled casually.





Finally, the bell rang. I was sat in history and suddenly got up and dashed of, I ignored the fact Mr Gleed was shouting my name. I ran out of the building and to the front of the school where I left my bike this morning, I jumped on it and rode home as fast as possible.




I walked through the front door to see George stood there with his blanket clenched tightly to his chest, George is my little brother I have a little sister too she is called Sophie, she is George's twin. "Heya," I said to George. he giggled and ran away. I walked into the living room to see my mum playing with Sophie. I talked to her about my day and then went upstairs to do my homework.




"SHUT UP!" I screamed and slammed my bedroom door.


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