Two donuts, and a hot chocolate latte

Two donuts, a hot chocolate latte, and a super star who is more normal than you could ever imagine, but maybe not quite as normal as you would think.


4. two songs and a surprise

Lightning Modern report to the stage. The loudspeaker startled me. But I jump to me feet grabbing the icecold water bottle on my way out of the room. I dropped the water bottle just off stage and took a moment to slow down before walking on stage. As soon as I walk on stage there is a ton of clapping and cheering.

"Why are you clapping? I haven't done anything yet!" I laugh into the microphone. there are a couple muffled laughs from the crowd. "You guys want to hear me sing? Lets get this started!" There are a bunch of cheers this time.

I start with two of my most famous songs, I kinda don't hate theses but they aren't my true potential. Then its the time right before intermission when I'm supposed to sing Make up. 

"So today I'm supposed to sing my new song Make up, but you've probably seen it on youtube already from my last three concerts so I decided to sing you a completely new song. Even my managers haven't heard it. Gold leaf! What do you think?" I hear a roar of yesses. I hesitate making sure Alexander, (the boy I mentioned earlier.) has planted the bug for our stereo to shut down. Then I yell "Hit it," there is a second of mellow music and then a wind down and the music turns off.

A guy runs out to me across the stage and whispers "The stereo system is down."

"One minute everybody, technical difficulties," I hear a collective groan rise from the crowd as I hurry back stage.

I grab my ipod from my jacket pocket. I hand it to him and he plugs it in. I run back onstage, and the mellow yet beautiful music floats over the crowd. I let the words fill my mouth and let the words flow together. When I finished there is silence for a moment. Then one person starts clapping. I pick her out of the crowd and smile at her. A lot of people follow her example but the some people start booing. I eye the mixed results with a smile. About half are clapping, a quarter and booing and the rest are silent.

"So I see not everybody liked it!" I say jokingly into the microphone. Then in a cold and deadly serious voice I add "If you are booing, or didn't like it please get out, RIGHT NOW!" I shout. about a third of the people get up and walk away. "So the rest of you liked it? Thanks!"

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