Two donuts, and a hot chocolate latte

Two donuts, a hot chocolate latte, and a super star who is more normal than you could ever imagine, but maybe not quite as normal as you would think.


3. two outfits and a push up bra

I blanche run to throw up in the bathroom. A push up bra with lace falling down to make  it a shirt and well as a mid thigh length skirt. I shake my head "No not happening," Luckily I came prepared. I wake over to my bag and take out the black skin tight tunic. And a  pair of skinny jeans, as well as white flats. I strip and pull on a slightly push up bra, to make the managers happy, if there's one thing I've learned this not how to write good songs or how to sing, its managers can make life hell for you.

I put on the simplistic and modern clothes, I wonder if my managers realize that my fans are used to me dressing like this and if I dressed like they wanted me to some of them would rebele. I wonder if thats why they keep giving me these clothes even though they know I won't wear them, maybe its their way of giving me a choice of what to wear.

Today is going to be a shock to everyone. I think the song I'm going to think will blow everyone's minds. It's certainly one of my favorite songs I've ever made.


a gold leaf 

a grey sky 
a mild wind

its makes me cry
but dying trees and dying leaves
2x September is not quite what its seems


a frosted snowflake
a glittering icicle
a world of fragile things
a cold wind 
a mild sky
2x a place where winter sings


red like blood
a decrepit sword
an old nail
one more word
iron and rain
2x the steel in a battered weathervane


September is not quite what its seems

a place where winter sings

the steel in a battered weathervane

gone gone with the wind


I just hope no one has a heart attack. I think thats a definate possibility for my managers. But managment so go to hell, there is no way I'm singing "Makeup". I'm hoping my true fans will shine through for me, and the people who were disgusted at what a  sang before will see me true potential.

I drag a straight iron through my hair straightening out the bouncy curls. I try looking as different to my normal self as possible. I've dusted my face with so much powder that my skin is dark like I got a heavy tan. An unfamiliar face, although not so unfamiliar anymore, now its a second skin to me. I live half of my life in this face.

I take a drink from my mug and grimace. Coffee. I hate coffee but management seems to think its goods for me. I toss it out and turn on the electric water heater. A few minutes later I'm drinking a cup of fresh brewed tea.

I walk over to the kitchen corner as I like to call it. Theres a tiny refrigerator with cold drinks and some paste and green beans. There is a tiny one burner stove, a toaster oven, and a microwave. As well as a rack canned goods like soup, the water heater and a small sink. I pick up a can of chicken noodle soup and dump it in the multi purpose pan. By the time it is hot enough to eat, I'm finished with my tea. I hadn't realized how hungry I am, and the soup is done quickly. I lean back i'm rich and can  have just about anything I want to eat, and I still like chicken noddle soup. My mother would be horrified, oh well.

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