Two donuts, and a hot chocolate latte

Two donuts, a hot chocolate latte, and a super star who is more normal than you could ever imagine, but maybe not quite as normal as you would think.


2. two lipsticks and a blush

I start reapplying my lipstick for like the third time in a row. I go over the words I'm supposed to sing today. I swear most of my songs come from my managers looking in my trashbin I hate quite a few of them this one especially.



lipstick lipstick lipstick

blush blush blush

now I believe we're almost done

lipstick lipstick lipstick

blush blush blush

lipstick lipstick lipstick

eyeshadow eyeshadow mascara 

I can't believe we're almost done, god I was having so much fun

oh my god one more thing eyeliner to, now lets move to bling

bling bling bling...



I'm not sure what I was thinking when I wrote that song. Other than the possibility I was drunk. Yes I'm only 16 but I do drink. It's bad I don't recommend it. I rarely get really drunk but I have woken up with no recollection of the last night.

One time I even woke up with a guy in my bed. Luckily he turned out to be really nice and I made him breakfast and sent him on his way, we are still friends now and occasionally we are at little more than that occasionally I still wake up with him in my bed. That was my sixteenth birthday.

I'm sure if my parents knew that I got drunk and had sex they would be totally fine with it. But they don't know they had been in prison for drug dealing for about 3 years, when I was 13 and before that my mother was a prostitute, and I'm not quite sure what my dad did other than it had nothing to do with the law, hell of a childhood. They will get out in four years.

I took out the outfit management wanted me to wear. I put it on without looking at it and looked in the firor in was filmy, pink, and it was skin tight and you can clearly see my breast and nipples. I sighed "lets look at the other," I think aloud,but I knew it is no good it will be just as bad and possibly worse. 

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