Two donuts, and a hot chocolate latte

Two donuts, a hot chocolate latte, and a super star who is more normal than you could ever imagine, but maybe not quite as normal as you would think.


1. two donuts and a hot chocolate latte

Drizzle Doe Urban, cursed her parents for choosing such a ridiculous name for her. She knew what it was based on, and while she liked the drow elf Drizzt do'Urden, she really wasn't interested in being named after him. At this moment she very much wished her parents weren't such geeks. On the stage she went as Lightning Modern.

She sat at the small little coffee shop and wondered how the coffee shop got its name, La mano, the hand, a funny name. She stared at the remains of her second donut and her almost gone hot chocolate latte, wondering whether or not to get another.

She thought maybe that the coffee shop and her where similar is so many ways, both rustic and acoustic, and good at what they did. Both lusting after fame and recognition. Except that she was famous, and constantly wore makeup to hide the similarity, and perphase this little coffee shop didn't know the price of fame.

"Was she really comparing herself to a coffee shop?" She wondered. She shook her head and got up to leave. But as she went out the door she couldn't help looking back and thinking "perhaps we two are not so different!"

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