2. Waking

I woke up early in the morning. It was strange. I was downstairs. It took me a while to wake up properly, at which point I realised I had decided I wouldn't go to sleep again that night. I had no nightmares though. My mother was still asleep because it wasn't even light outside. It wasn't quite dawn yet. It was twilight. That's my favourite time of night. It's still dark outside but the sun's light just pushes over the horizon, cascading the most beautiful spectrum of colour across the now morning sky. I was glad I had woken up now. I went upstairs and got dressed and then I put my hair up. Every day before the reaping, I had my hair in two braids but since I was chosen and Katniss volunteered, I have been wearing my hair in one braid, just like Katniss.


 It was late morning by the time my mother finally woke up. I had heard her stir an hour ago and so made some coffee for her but it would be cold now. She likes to sleep in because she thinks that when she’s asleep, nothing can hurt her. I don’t know if she gets nightmares like me and Katniss and then tries to hide the fact that she’s scared or if she simply just doesn’t have them. It seems impossible not to have nightmares; especially in the districts. Katniss comes home tomorrow. I’ll be glad to see her again but I know she’ll want to be alone, or go hunting with Gale. That could be interesting. He seemed quite upset when she and Peeta won or rather that they had been ‘in love’ throughout the Games. I suppose it was jealousy and also that he was scared that she would die in the Games but in all fairness, Gale and my sister were never going out. They met in the woods when they were eight. Katniss said that they were arguing because he thought Katniss had stolen the game from his traps. I suppose you would if you didn’t know what a good archer my sister was. Gale is very good at setting traps too. Katniss said that he could think like the prey, that he could plot every move that it’d make and he could set the perfect trap for it. Any wild animal facing Gale and my sister wouldn’t stand a chance.

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