When Hunger Strikes

Hope is told not to fall in love from the day she was born, but if she does, something terrible is going to happen.
Her father disappeared when she was little and is now living in the middle of no where, and the only reason was so he could protect them.
Love is so tempting for Hope and is she willing to stick to the rules or will she break them?
She takes a journey to her fathers hiding spot but will she find out the truth? and will her mom be happy about her breaking all the things she thought her?


2. Journey.



Journey. Yes i was gonna take a journey trough my families past and find out about all those secrets, and why they even were made in the first place. I was gonna find my dad and i knew he had all the answers, but first i was gonna take a journey trough memories.   

                                                                               ~ • ~​              

I walked past the big amount of people in the square and fought my way to my old hiding spot. It looked exactly the same way, and of course it did. Everyone was afraid to go inside and just take a peek at what was going on, even the boys who had a reputation of being some curious bastards, didn't even think about it. I had the place for myself, even now when everybody did grow older and got more mature, it was always just my place when i needed a break from my families nonsense about not to talk to any kind of boy. It is still hard just to be the girl i am, i need to find some friends and evolve a little.

I felt the cold walls against my warming heart and the sound of the pipes incredibly fascinating sound. It was like a thousand drums beating against each other, but at the same time it created a symphony of memories that just came flooding into my mind. I saw a light at the end of the hall, it blinded me so i had to squeeze my eyes together. The light was sharp and it got lighter and lighter until i reach it. Suddenly the light got dark and it was gone. I was now standing in a completely dark hall, but i wasn't scared. I knew this place, it was my other home, i spent all my time here painting and creating a new world just for me. I actually also had a club, for myself of course, but i used to search for information about my father and i did actually find something, but i don't remember what. I needed to get in there i figure out what i had hidden from the world. I stepped closer to the unlocked door and touched the cold handle. It was silver and i could see my own reflection in it. I stood for a second just there, afraid to walk into my own "home", and i don't know why. It was like someone had been down here and touched my naked body when i wasn't looking. I was afraid to cross the line i made for myself, afraid to step into the room i gave my secrets. Someone had definitely been down here. I could feel the energy from an unwelcome person, sneaking around in my private stuff. Crap i thought to myself. But then i got angry, nobody sneaks around in my stuff. 

I was now not afraid anymore. I pushed the door against my angry body and saw the room i left, untouched. Not even a soul had been here, but it almost felt like it. I'm almost sure. 

After my weird discovering i looked around the room. My smile got bigger and bigger when i saw everything i had hidden down here, it was like a masterpiece. Everything stood at the exact same spot and the little statue my father made, was untouched on the brown 70's table. I got sad about the thought of him, about the happy and sad times, but he always made me feel like i was something special, which I actually am if you ask my whole family. I can't even believe that he left with only a goodbye and an i will see you soon face. Actually it was almost unbelievable. I do though remember him saying " everything you need, you will find in your heart" and the face that went with it. I never understood it completely. Was is just something he left me to figure out alone. I sank down into the old couch filled with holes and old ice cream spots that had dried into the seat. It was actually gross and i would have freaked out if it wasn't myself that made them, i think i would have yelled and splashed a whole lot of water over myself if it was another person. The figure had a heart at the same place we humans have ours, it was a masterpiece. He made such beautiful figures of everything. You could tell him to paint dog poo and he would still make it look incredible. The room was cold and no light from the streets came in. It blocked me from real life and everything outside. All the furniture was old and from my grandmothers old living room. She gave it to me as a gift and said that it would forever be mine. I love her so much, she is my everything. She always makes me feel like i belong here and doesn't put a big pressure on me as the rest of the family does. Many things down her are actually also from my cousin Faith. She was incredible and was also on the list of becoming something special. I remember that i hadn't talked to her since her family moved to Brooklyn in hope of being a normal family. Everyone told them that it was never gonna happen, and at that time i could see in her mothers eyes that she was afraid. A few years ago Faith went missing. I sat in my room crying for weeks, we were so close and everyone knew. We always played with barbies and dressed us up as celebrities, but that thing came to an end so suddenly. When she turned 16 she always just sat in her room studying and never talked to anyone, she closed the door every time someone passed her room and gave me a look i can't explain. I could see in her eyes she couldn't control what she did, she was afraid. She didn't wanna be like this, but she couldn't turn it off. I would have done everything to make her feel like herself again but it was hard, i though knew one thing for sure, her eyes told me to be careful.

Faith is still missing and her mother is just miserable. It looked like she knew it was gonna happen to her, like she predicted it. I always knew she was kind of psychic, her mother, but not so good that she could predict her own daughters disappearing. I was weird, but as i thought it trough it seemed like she went trough the exact same thing I'm going trough now, and it doesn't seem like it doesn't fit into our family, we are known as the weird family down the road you know. 

                                                                              ~ • ~​                  

As i walked sad trough the room a thought crossed my mind as i looked at the sculpture, and it made my eyes even blink more than they did before. Everything came rushing to the surface like a kaleidoscope of memories which just all comes back. I can't understand why i never understood it, maybe it was just because i never thought about it, i never thought about my dad so much when i was little, but i of course missed him and i still do, i just did deal with it. I guess i just was alright with it and moved on, but I'm older now and I'm so much more curious. 

​I finally knew what he meant about ' everything you need, you will find in your heart'. The sculpture of course. The pounding heart on the sculptures body had a little crack in it, and it was almost like some sort of soft stone material. I pressed the heart and i could feel that something was in there. My hands was as nervous as my eyes, and the tears was on their way. As i was about to open the little heart, a voice came from the door and i turned around and saw him, the boy. 



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