My Life 🌸


2. Boring Classes..

Hii guys I missed you so much :(. So basically todayIi woke up and got ready for school and ridded the car and went. The classes was so boring !! I wish they can teach us the important things that we will need it later in our life, like what we should do if we had an accedent or how we can find a job and how we can be risponsable and respectful and these things :( <33. Mathematics things like ( x+3x-1 ) will never help us if we got a trouble !! I wish my words will change something :(. Later when I got back from school I opened my laptop till i felt asleep, I had dinner and brushed my teeth and slept. I know it was a normal day but I really love to share my feelings and everything with you guys :( <33 so i will see later إن شاء الله love you ;**

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