A collection of poems


4. Nightmares

Today it was harder to keep up the act

To keep my plastic practiced smile cleverly intact

It was excruciating to hide behind the facade

When in my mind, the thoughts still stayed


It's funny I think, to be afraid of death

To be scared of the relief of your final long breath

The only time I'm content is when I'm fast asleep

And I'm too busy dreaming to sorrowfully weep


Oh how it would feel to sleep forever

And the screams and whispers you would hear never

But now and then when I close my eyes

The monsters come out and there's no where to hide


The only reason my life is still existent

Is because the imaginary dreams or not consistent

What if when I enter my eternal deep slumber

I don't see rainbows and sun but rain and thunder


I haven't stolen my life because I'm frightened you see

Because a dream or nightmare, I don't which it will be

I just want the feeling that my dreams can fake

Just the happiness that my life decided to take


So yes I want to die before it gets worse

I want to rid myself of this un-breakable curse

Death is the answer, my only choice

I can hear death's whispers, death's welcoming voice


I will welcome death when it comes

Because my hope is






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