A collection of poems


5. Maze

I wander through the dark crooks and corners in my mind

But the curse on my heart has left me blind

And there are too many thorns on this blood red rose

And any warmth not lost has already froze

I look above but the clouds of tears won't let me see the bright sun

But I realise this lifetime of darkness has only begun

The soot on the windows make it impossible to see

If anything more than this, my life could ever be

My mind is battle, I'm a soldier in a war that's never ending

And my chances of survival are rapidly thinning

The purposeless bloodshed, over a pathetic feud

Which I am undoubtedly going to lose

The tears and destruction that my mind has caused

All the whispers for mercy that the voices in my head have ignored

I run and run from these screams and cries

But from my own mind I cannot hide

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