A collection of poems


8. Closed Doors

I choke on the words

You've forced from my mind

You're condescending pity

Was all I was to find


I hold my key close

The key to the hell in my head

I live alone, so alone

Despite what you said


I'm losing my sanity

I need someone to understand

But only I could ever know

The horrors of my wonderland


I comfort myself, help, help

No one else could cope

I'm losing it, everything

I'm losing any hope


I dread each morning

And each prolonged day I fear

I'm a ghost, zombie

My end is coming near


So I tell you nothing

What do you want me to say

I will die by my own hand

So why make a game to play


When you say stay

And you pretend to care

But no one loves truly

No one ever is there


When it's 3 in the morning

And my pillow is drowning

With the tears I've held in for this moment

But you don't know, it's astounding


My eyes turn to empty glass shells

Or I have a crazed look in my eyes

But my doors are closed, as are your eyelids

I'm a fairy, I'm born to fly









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