my life with Niall:

sequel to "my love for Niall" now Niall hires Demy a bodyguard who turns out to be her ex best friend who is secretly in love with her. Niall and Demy are going to be parents soon but trouble keeps happening so how will they handle it?


12. visions blurry:

Demy's POV:

So Jack tied our hands behind our backs, i sat on a small bed and Niall on the other one facing me and the distance between the two beds was big. he didn't let us sit next to each others. "okay this will just hurt a bit" he said looking at Niall holding a needle. "what's this?" Niall asked. "it will make you sleepy and your visions blurry" he said infecting the needle in Niall's neck when Niall just shut his eyes hard from pain.

"Niall are you okay?" i asked. Niall nodded. "don't worry demy, i won't drug you because you're pregnant, besides you're a girl and you're weak even without a drug" he said. "excuse me i am not weak" i yelled when he laughed. "oh how i missed your temper, i never stopped thinking of you Demy" he said sitting next to me.

i sat on the end of the bed to stay away from him. "you know i heard you two yelling in your room before this all happened, Niall how could you yell at her? can't you see how nice and pretty she is?" Jack asked. "my life with my wife is none of your business" Niall tried to yell, it was obvious that was getting weak. Jack laughed sarcastically. "i'm gonna show you how to treat a real girl" Jack said literally sitting next to me but we were at the edge of the bed so i couldn't get any farther and that's when i started to cry. "i will kill you if you lay a finger on her" Niall yelled when Jack started to play with my hair and kissing me on the cheek. "please Jack stop" i said quietly as he wiped my tears but i turned my face. "Don't you dare touch her, i will kill you
" Niall yelled again.

Jack turned my face and forced me to face him ignoring Niall. he leaned his head and kissed me.

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