my life with Niall:

sequel to "my love for Niall" now Niall hires Demy a bodyguard who turns out to be her ex best friend who is secretly in love with her. Niall and Demy are going to be parents soon but trouble keeps happening so how will they handle it?


54. last chapter:

Angel's POV:

"the trip was cancelled because of the weather, they said it was going to rain this afternoon" dad said walking towards us. "where's the rest?" Simon asked when everyone showed up. "hey kids" mom said, i ran towards her and hugged her. "that's so unfair i didn't get a hug" dad said so i rushed towards him and hugged him so tight. i followed everyone back inside when Simon grabbed my hand and led me out.

"are you going on the date with Austin?" he whispered. "uhh no i mean we can't just pretend like nothing happened you kissed me" i said. "then go out with me instead... tonight at eight o'clock" he said. i nodded in agreement and smiled. we both headed to the living room where everyone else was sitting.

"what's going on between you two?" Eleanor asked. "umm nothing" i said crossing my arms awkwardly. "no actually there is something" Simon said, i looked at him raising my eyebrows gesturing "no". dad already saw us kissing let alone finding out that we're going out this night.

"i asked Angel out, we're going on a date tonight" Simon said. "Angel is like your sister Simon" Zayn said. "but she's not, just because we were raised in the same house doesn't make her my sister" Simon said. "yeah about that i'm thinking that we should just move you know? let every couple has its own home" dad said. "Niall is right we've been living together as a big family ever since i was pregnant with Angel because we were safer this way while the boys went on tour but... it's different now" mom said. "tell us more mom, i mean you went through a lot, all of you but you never really told us anything about it" i said.

"okay enough of that, you wouldn't want to know what we went through, but i can tell you one thing, we were completely and madly in love" dad said. "you know what? let's play truth or dare" Simon said. "i agree" Louis spoke.

"Demy truth or dare?" Simon asked. "truth i'm too exhausted for a dare" mom replied. "okay how many times did you fight with Niall?" Simon asked making everyone laugh. "wow you all laughed that must mean something" i said. "well yeah we fought a lot" dad said laughing again.

"okay i first got mad at you for being my bodyguard behind my back, then we fought about Lucy, oh and when Mike kidnapped me and Perrie but we hid it from you, and when i cut my wrist, then you saw me with Liam remember? looking back at everything makes me realize how much my life with you has changed" followed by that was a kiss. mom and dad are really the cutest couple ever.

Demy's POV:

wow, my life with Niall was filled with ups and downs, fights and arguing, love and surprises, sometimes i do ask myself what would have happened if i never took those guitar lessons, oh my god, i can't even imagine what i'd do without him.

he's everything i could ever ask for, we will always love each others... forever.


i'm done this is the end, thankyou to everyone who has been there from the beginning, like a year ago i started writing my love for Niall then i did this sequel with an everlasting happiness because i believed in my story, i believed that you would like it. thanks guys really for all your likes and comments, it means a lot.

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