my life with Niall:

sequel to "my love for Niall" now Niall hires Demy a bodyguard who turns out to be her ex best friend who is secretly in love with her. Niall and Demy are going to be parents soon but trouble keeps happening so how will they handle it?


46. jack again:

Demy’s POV:

At night, Niall called me again, I wasn’t sure how to feel, scared or happy, I didn’t know what he was about to say, I wished that he forgot all about what happened cz I wanted to talk to him about Lucy and Harry and nothing else!

“hi babe” I said.

“hi love” he replied.

(Niall: N) (Demy: D)

D- I really missed you

N- missed you more babe, what are  you doing?

D- I was getting ready to sleep, maybe listen to some music and think about you

N- awwww  i wanna sing for you

So my friends been telling me

You’ve been sleeping with my sweater

Bet my friends been telling you

I’m not doing much better

Cz I’m missing half of me

And being here without you is like I’m waking up to

Only half of blue sky

Kinda there but not quite

I’m walking around with just one shoe

I’m half a heart without you

I’m half a man at best

With half an arrow in my chest

I miss everything we do

I’m half a heart without you

And by then I was crying a river.

“I didn’t mean to make you cry, please stop I’m gonna cry too” he said making me laugh again. “Is Lucy going to stay here until you get back? What if she just went back to her house? How can I stop her?” I asked Niall. “well sure Harry kinda dragged her there so you could keep an eye on her but if she wants to leave again, we can’t do anything about that” he replied when I heard Liam scream at Niall. “NIALL JAMES HORAN REHEARSAL STARTED AN HOUR AGO” “you heard him right?” Niall asked me. “yeah yeah just go” I said and when we hung up I got another phone call but it was from an unknown number.

“hello” I said.

“hello Demy remember me?” the voice said.

“who is this?” I asked.

“you didn’t recognize me? Shame on you, best friends were supposed to know eachothers voices” he said when it hit me. It was Jack again.

“never call me again” I yelled and hung up but I was shivering by then.

He called again, I hesitated but answered to see what he wanted. “what?” I yelled. “meet me tomorrow in the park at 4 pm all alone and don’t tell anyone because if you do all your family will get hurt, should I say the names? You know such as Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis, Harry, Perrie, Sophie, Lucy and Eleanor” he said when I cut him off.

“okay fine just stay away from them” i yelled and hung up again, tears were streaming down my face. I should tell Niall but Jack could hurt any of us, if I didn’t tell him, Jack might hurt me. I have a lot of thinking to do.


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