my life with Niall:

sequel to "my love for Niall" now Niall hires Demy a bodyguard who turns out to be her ex best friend who is secretly in love with her. Niall and Demy are going to be parents soon but trouble keeps happening so how will they handle it?


30. i forbid you:

Demy's POV:

Niall picked me up bridal style and took me to our room, i was crying a river, he put me on the bed when i buried my face in the pillow. Niall sat on the bed and put his hand on my shoulder. i sat straight then leaned my head on hi shoulder when he held me tight. "it's gonna be okay i promise" he said kissing my forehead.

Niall's POV:

why is this happening to us? Demy is broken, i am broken, everyone's broken. she cried and cried and cried until she fell asleep on my shoulder. i wanted to make her sleep right but when i touched her she woke up again. "sorry love" i whispered when the door opened. it was Perrie. she ran towards Demy and hugged her, i stood up letting Perrie sit at my place. "how are you?" she asked. "good. just a little shaken up" Demy said. "how did u get here so fast?" Demy asked. "Zayn told me, the boys are outside wondering if they can come in" she said. "i'll go call them" i said getting out. we entered the room very quietly. Harry sat next to Demy putting his arm around her, Zayn sat next to Perrie, which leaves Louis and Liam, they sat on the bed too but on the other side while i stood up and leaned my back on the wall.

2 days later:

Demy's POV:

we travelled back to England for the funeral, after it ended Niall and i wanted to see my doctor just to check on the girl's health. we decided to call her ANGEL. "you're travelling with the boys?" the doctor yelled. "y- yes" i replied. "i know that u've been stressing a lot so travelling isn't good for u at all, as a doctor, i forbid u from going on tour with them" he said. "but how can i leave her alone doc?" Niall asked. "i'm sorry, it's for her own good, for the baby's health Niall" he replied.

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