my life with Niall:

sequel to "my love for Niall" now Niall hires Demy a bodyguard who turns out to be her ex best friend who is secretly in love with her. Niall and Demy are going to be parents soon but trouble keeps happening so how will they handle it?


35. calm down:

Demy's POV:

Niall wrapped his arms around me letting me lean my head on his shoulder, he was playing with my hair when i decided to go talk to sophie. "Niall your shirt is soakin' wet from my tears" i said sitting straight. "don't worry about it love, are you better now?" he asked pushing my hair behind my ear. i nodded in agreement then kissed his cheek. i stood up and walked towards Sophie who had puffy eyes and mascara ruined.

"are you okay?" i asked sitting next to her. "h- he t-took a bullet for you, that's how much he loves u, i'm so worried about him" she said crying harder. "h- he's gonna be okay i promise, h-he told you?" i said. "yeah i know all about his feelings for you but he said he was over you, i guess not" she said making me cry again.

"okay look, i'm married to Niall who actually protected me pretty much ever since i met him. my ex boyfriend tried to kill us once and even i've been kidnapped three times, Niall saved me because he loves me. Liam doesn't feel the same way, i know he loves you, otherwise he wouldn't have asked you to go out with him" i said making her feel better because she finally smiled.

the doctor came out when we all ran towards him. "so?" Niall asked. "he umm you should call his parents, he's in a coma right now" the doctor said looking at the ground when Niall started crying too. he ran outside, "Niall Niall wait up, please stop" i yelled running after him. before he was able to drive, i jumped in the car with him. "Demy get out" he yelled. "no" i yelled back. "fine" he replied then drove very fast.

"slow down you're gonna get us killed" i yelled but he ignored me, i was terrified. "babe please just calm down" i said. "i'm gonna kill her, she hurt you, she hurt Liam, she killed our baby, what more can she do?" he yelled when he finally pulled over. he jumped out of the car running inside when i followed him.

Niall's POV:

Jenna was tied up to a chair, Harry and Louis were sitting on the sofas watching her, i ran towards her but before i could touch her harry pushed me back. "i'm gonna kill you do you hear me? ughh harry let me go i just wanna punch her and beat her, make her feel the pain that she let Demy feel" i yelled.

"Niall stop" Demy yelled. "Harry just take him upstairs, Demy go upstairs too" Louis said. we went upstairs when i told Harry about Liam, he had tears in his eyes.

cops came and took Jenna, Louis obviously called them. after we calmed down, we decided to go back to the hospital, it was about 5:00 am we couldn't sleep at all. i took my car and Harry took his. Demy jumped with me and Louis went with Harry. we pulled over and Demy was about to open the door when i grabbed her hand to stop her.

"i love you to the moon and back" i said making her smile. "staawp" she replied. "wait you have a little something on your lips" i said making her laugh. i leaned in and kissed her then we went inside.

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