Crystal Blue

Magdalena also better known as Lena, is stuck with a boyfriend so shitty that he doesn't even show up on their anniversary. But as Lena fells like nothing is going in her direction, the confident third year student, Mike falls into her life.


1. Café Warmth

Here I was, sitting in a café chair waiting for my asshole of a boyfriend. As always he let me wait for a long time, before he showed up on our dates, if he even showed up. Probably because he was screwing some slut from first year. I had seen the way he looked at a blond with d-cups. The way he drooled every time she walked past his guy group. Leaving them with a sweet smell of her cheap perfume and a cheeky smile. I don’t understand why I haven’t left him yet. I think that I always believe that he will get better and that he will stop cheating on me. Every time I bring the facts up that he is cheating on me, he asks me out for an expensive dinner and kisses me deeply when I answers “yes”. I fall for his stupid tricks every time.

A deep voice from behind, got me out of my thoughts. I turned around with a mad face. I had not seen that it wasn’t my boyfriend, before I began to bitch about why the hell he let me wait. Instead there was standing a smoking hot waiter. “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you were my boyfriend” I said with a slight voice.
“I wish I was” he said and laughed confidently.  He had the most luminous crystal blue eyes. “Do you want a refill on your drink?” I look down at my hands holding a hot white chocolate coffee, that wasn’t that hot anymore.  I shook my head a little, and told him that I was good. “So have your boyfriend burned you of?” He asked and smiled wry. “Yes I guess so; he should have been here an hour ago”. He said something with his pleasant voice, I didn’t heard what he was saying. I was in such a deep trance by his soft looking lips.
Out of a sudden the sound of some plates getting smashed on the floor got me out of my trance. “I better get back to work, maybe I will see you around” he winked and left me with a warm feeling in my stomach.

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