You are a Riddle

Artemis Flair, a girl who was sent back in time to change the past. She knows there is little chance of ever coming back. Artemis goes back to when Tom Mavolo Riddle JR was in seventh year, and he is quite the riddle, as is she!


1. there Is Time

Hello, my name is Artemis Flair, a half-breed, I am not ashamed of what I am, I'm proud of my heritage. My mother is an elf, she is no house elf though, she comes from a pure line of Irish elves, or, in muggle words, Druids. My father is a pure-blood, so you can image how much his family was horrified when he married my mother. Her parents weren't too proud either. There are not a lot of our kind, the half-breed elves I mean, most stick to their lines, afraid that their special earth powers will become lost. I went to a special school for half-breeds called Sahnar School For Magical Deformities and Prodigies, the students only had one holiday off, in the summer, and rarely went out, in case someone saw them .We didn't have much outside activities, but Quidditch was a popular sport to play in the inside Gymnasium. Life had become hard for my family ever since my father disappeared. I should explain, my father was an Auror, his name is... WAS Will Peverell, he got disowned after getting married to my mother. One day, when I was only five, over eleven years ago, he kissed my mother on the cheek and hugged me tightly, promising to be safe and come back soon. He never did make it back, it was rumoured that he died in a big Auror massacre, but his body was never found. After that, my mother, Sylvia Peverell lately known as Sylvia Flair, tried getting a job, indeed, the Peverell Gringotts vaults were brimming with galleons and treasure, but she never opened them, she said that she will give me the key when I will be of age.

And then more tragedy struck. My school was closing. For ever. I could not believe it! There was one other school that excepted half-breeds, but it had a strict no-Druid rule, don't ask me why though, I don't know! I had little chance if seeing my friends again, Castiel, the seventeen year old vampire who was always there for me, Molly, the part-transparent half ghost. Melanie, the part dementor and John, the half werewolf , we made a funny team, but we were there for each other in times of trouble. And now I had to leave them.

My mother wanted me to continue my education, so she looked relentlessly for a school that would except me, and, finally, that school showed itself. Tomorrow, I would be going to Hogwarts, The School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry, the school founded by four great sorcerers, Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Helga Hufflepuff.

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