troubled and broken hearted, with a broken family that's mending. Can Alexa at the age of 17 take control of her life, deal with her brothers fame and be the girl that everyone wants her to be.
Her past is bad, but when love comes along can she take control and not ruin everything, can she stay strong and not hurt him. Who is he?
Many years of bad luck, does Alexa finally turn her life around?


5. what do you want?


Alexia's pov;

"Wake up your home" Harry whispered in my ear startling me. I sat up knocking a coat of me. I don''t remember bringing a coat?. I turned to talk to Harry but he had already got out the car. 

Louis ran out the house and called for Harry. "what's up?" I asked quickly getting out the car, putting Harry's jacket round my shoulders.

"The boys will be here in a few hours, they coming early" Louis chirped, looking excited.

"Oh woo yeah!" I mocked excitement before walking past him and into the house, the boys followed behind. "so what did you get up to, anything I should know about?" Louis asked sighing. I don't think he really wanted to know but was asking for some sort of conversation.

"Oh..your going to be an uncle" I told him yawning and grabbing an Orange from the side. "I'm beginning to love your attitude problems" Louis hissed coming into the kitchen and taking a seat staring at me. "Now tell me anything really happen?" He asked as Harry joined us leaning on the door frame. 

"You shouldn't lean its bad posture" I say directing it at Harry. Using all my strength I pushed myself up so I was sitting on the counter, then started to peel the Orange.

"Did you drink?" Louis asked trying to get back to his big brother routine.

"did you breathe?" I snap back at him. For god sake it was a party? Who doesn't drink at a party?

Also he technically didn't ask what I drank, because everyone drinks..water is a drink?

 "So when are you all going back on tour?" I asked my brother and Harry. maybe then they can let me get on with my life instead of trying to boss me about.

"In a few days" Louis told me looking down at the floor, and shuffling in his seat.

"that's cool" I told them faking a smile. I jumped down of the side. "I'm looking forward to seeing the boys again, should be fun" I tell Louis and turning to wink at Harry.

"Please behave Ali, mum and dad rang they will be home early hours in the morning" He told me getting up and walking past me and into the front room. I followed after him. "I always behave, and why should I care when your mum and my dad get back..I'm use to him leaving anyway" I yell at him.

I watch him put his head in his hands and sigh. "Please can we not argue for 5 minutes, you always make arguments with me Ali, what is your problem?".

I fell Harry slip his hand in mine and he smiles down at me appearing at my side. I yank my hand out of reach from his and walk over to the sofa. Harry looks down at the floor and bites his lip.

"fine..maybe we should watch a film, means I wont talk to you, and we wont argue?" I tell him. He nods and picks a film sliding it into the dvd slot and sitting back on the sofa. 

"Come sit down Harry, your making the place look untidy" I tell him patting the sofa next to me. He smiles at me and walks over taking a seat. I reach behind the sofa pulling up the blanket, and spread it over us.

Half way through the film, I feel my eyes start to close, but they fly open when I feel Harry slips his hand back into mine and his fingers entwine with mine. I think about retracting my hand again, but instead I don't I hold his hand. I turn my head a little so that Louis wouldn't notice and see Harry smiling down at me. He winks and I smile at him.

What is happening?

I jump up quickly hearing a knock on the door. "I'll get it" I shout making Louis jump and Harry smirk and laugh. 

I walk out and brace myself, to see the boys again. To see Niall again. 


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