troubled and broken hearted, with a broken family that's mending. Can Alexa at the age of 17 take control of her life, deal with her brothers fame and be the girl that everyone wants her to be.
Her past is bad, but when love comes along can she take control and not ruin everything, can she stay strong and not hurt him. Who is he?
Many years of bad luck, does Alexa finally turn her life around?


1. Morning After


Alexia's pov;   Pulling the duvet over my head I tossed over in my bed to block the sun light shining directly on to me. I laid listening to my quiet house. Groaning to myself I pushed my duvet of me and threw on some grey leggings and a grey jumper. I put my hair up in a pony tail and opened my curtains. My head was pounding from partying last night, all I needed is medicine and to chill out on the sofa all day.  I left my room and jogged down the stairs and into the kitchen.  Harry sat at the table smirking at me. "What are you doing here?" I groaned  dodging  past him, and opening the fridge. "Lou asked me over" He told me eyeing me up as I slammed the fridge shut. I put the orange down on the counter and turned to the teenage boy. "Oh yes..where is that lovely step brother of mine then?" He laughed and looked at the time, just a second before a key went in the door and Louis came walking in. He frowned at us and then threw his keys on the counter. "Oh dear god..what's happened?" I laughed as he stared blankly. "Why would you ask that?" I mocked trying to sound hurt. "What time did you get home last night?" Louis asked with a nervous tone in his voice. I turned sipping my drink and staring straight past him. "Not that late" I mumbled. Harry stifled a laugh and Louis shot him a glare. "Ali" he said blankly. I looked at him and smiled. "Fine about 2" I told him walking past him. "2am?" He yelled, I kept walking into the front room. I didn't turn the telly on and was listening to the two boys conversation in the kitchen;   Lou- I don't know what to do with her Haz, I can't control her anymore.   Harry- Want me to keep an eye on her, maybe I can help somehow.   Lou- NO!..stay away from her Harry, for your own good, if you fall for her she will crush you!   Harry- Mate she's your sister I'm just trying to help you here.   I rolled my eyes and turned the telly on selecting Simpsons..I laid down and closed my eyes felling my headache more in the quiet.   "Oi..wake up" I jumped as Harry sat down on the sofa putting my legs on top of his. He past me a glass of water and two tablets. "What's that drugs?" I asked smirking. "Nope I'm a good boy, pain killers is all I can offer sorry" he mumbled. I sat up and put my hand out as he dropped them in it. "Thanks" I mumbled throwing my head back and swallowing the tablets.   "So where did you go last night?" Harry asked. "Just to a club then on to a house party" I told him changing the channel to the telly. I laid back down stretching out. My jumper came up revealing my new tattoo on my hip. Harry stared at it with shock on his face and his eyes searched mine. "What..it's not like you don't have any" I told him pulling my jumper back down as he shook his head.   "No..but I never thought you would get any..let me look!" He told me pushing my jumper back up. His hand felt cold, on my hip tracing the outline of the bird, the same kind Harry has on his chest. Although mine was smaller. "Why?" I whispered. His other hand grabbed the other side of my hip and he looked up at me. "I love girls with tattoos" he whispered winking at me.   "What's going on?" Louis asked walking in. Harry's hands slid of me and he sat up straight. I jumped up pulling my jumper down. "What are you hiding?" Lou asked walking up to me and staring at me. "Nothing" I told him smiling as he looked to Harry and then back at me. "We'll what was he looking at?" He asked me as I stepped back and sighed pulling my jumper up.  "For fuck sake Ali!" Louis spat sitting down on the sofa is head in his hands. "What I'm aloud I'm 17!" I shouted back at him. I raked through my boring brown hair.   "Go to your room!" Louis ordered standing up and going to get his cost. "Why where are you going?" I asked feeling like a little kid again, I didn't want him to leave. I felt the tears in my eyes. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the floor.   "Just out. Go to your room i won't be long, Harry come on" he called. Harry jogged out and waved before they both left and got in Harry's car. I stood alone in the hallway. Everywhere in the house was quiet. I ran upstairs turning my music on load. Flash backs flooded into my mind of when I was little living with my mum.   My dad left when I was little and I didn't find him till social services took over my life when my mum died.    *Flashback*   "I'm going out Alexia" I turned putting my barbie down and saw my mum in the doorway of the living room. She was all pretty and dressed up. "Again?" I asked running towards her and hugging her legs. "Please stay tonight" I'd whisper as she pulled me away and someone would knock on the door. "I'll be back home soon love you" I watched as shed walk down the road with guys I'd never seen before. I turn around and look at the time, at the age of 5 I was useless at looking after myself. I went and sat on the sofa and pulled a blanket round me. I sat for ages staring just waiting for her to come back, then a storm started and caused a power cut. The lights went out leaving me sitting in darkness.   "Mummy" I whimpered feeling the tears fall down my eyes. "Mummy please it's dark!" I called. But the house was quiet I heard nothing. "MUMMY!" I screamed again and again till my throat hurt, I laid down pulling the blanket right around me and cried myself to sleep.   *end of flashback"    I wiped away a tear that escaped and  rummaged through my drawers finding my bag. I pulled out the blue hair dye and walking into the bathroom. "Good bye boring brown hair, hello electric blue" I whispered getting everything out and taking my jumper of so I didn't cover it with blue dye.     Louis pov;   I sat in my Nans house, Harry was sitting watching telly stroking the cat. "What's wrong dear?" She asked putting a cup of tea down in front of me. "I don't know what to do abut Ali" I tell her fiddling with the cup. She sighed and nodded drinking some tea. "All you can do is be there for her, she's having a difficult time..maybe you should let Harry try..he might be able to get her to trust him?" She asked me as I stared at my best friend.    "I don't know..I can't I don't want him to get hurt" I whispered. I put my head in my hands. "I can't be here to long, I shouldn't leave her alone, she's probably already throwing a wild party" I told her sighing as Harry joined us.   "Lou..some paps have been following Ali around all week...she's not been going into college" Harry told me sitting down and sliding his phone over to me, many photos showed her going into houses and shops and with  groups of people.    "Great" I hissed annoyed even more. "I'll try talk to her, try find out what's going on?" He offered, my nan nodded. "Good idea hunny" she told him putting her hand on mine. "You have to let him try..what other choice do you have" she told me.   "We better get going thank you" I told her hugging her and kissing her cheek. Harry hugged her goodbye and we set out back home. "The boys are coming down tomorrow we have to leave in a few days, your parents are home tomorrow right?" Harry asked. I nodded and then he carried on talking and I ignored it all and stared blankly on the road ahead.

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