troubled and broken hearted, with a broken family that's mending. Can Alexa at the age of 17 take control of her life, deal with her brothers fame and be the girl that everyone wants her to be.
Her past is bad, but when love comes along can she take control and not ruin everything, can she stay strong and not hurt him. Who is he?
Many years of bad luck, does Alexa finally turn her life around?


12. Fly with me


I watched them walk back together, I didn't like it they can't get close I can't let them. I love my sister but she isn't right for Harry, she's bad news and she isn't changing anytime soon. We kept walking to the plane and I watched them closely ignoring the fans screaming our names. "Lou?" I blinked a couple of times seeing Liam waving his hand in my face "welcome back to the real world what was you thinking about" he joked. I shook my head looking around while I was contemplating what would go wrong with them two I hadn't noticed they'd all showed there passports and boarded our plane and I was next. "trust me you don't want to know " I told him pulling my passport out. The women studied it and then smiled giving it back "have a lovely flight Mr Tomlinson " I faked a smile and thanked her walking away and down the tunnel that lead to the plane .

Alexia's pov;

I followed the boys through the airport quiet keeping close to Louis. Around me I could see the flashes of the camera's and the screams of fangirls. I sigh and Niall nudges me. "whats wrong?" he asks smiling softly. I shake my head looking at him. "I should be at home, I didn't want this, I don't want to be in the media's eye, I don't want the fans asking questions or being mentioned in interviews or blasted all over the internet and tv" I tell him quietly trying to sink behind the boys and not be seen. I felt Niall take my hand in his and he nodded. "I know, but it cant be helped, and we really wanted you to come Ali, I wanted to spend some more time with you" He told me. I thought about what he said and felt myself begin to smile. Maybe spending time with him would be fun again like the old days, then I remembered how easily he left, how easily they all did. I pulled my hand away from his and looked ahead. "yeah well I don't plan on staying long, Im going to cause trouble so you send me home" I smirked and walked ahead showing my passport and walking onto the plane. I looked around as the boys got on and got comfy and the doors closed. "Wait..what about everyone else?" I asked confused. The boys looked at me like I was stupid and Harry smiled sitting down close to me. "Thats adorable, this is a private plane Lex, no one else is getting on apart from the pilot" . 

I raised an eyebrow looking around before sitting down. "okay so your life might have some awesome parts" I admitted sitting down looking out the window hearing the pilot talking over the speakers. I buckled up and felt the plane begin to start moving grabbing the arm of the chair. Id always been a nervous flyer. Zayn laughed and sat down watching me "glad you are coming now?" he asked raising an eyebrow as I picked up an apple biting into it shaking my head "absolutely not you all have ruined my life still. I don't want anything to do with your crazy fans and now they know I exist " I told them looking at my phone "oh no my pictures are going to be everywhere ".

"they'll probably think your dating one of the boys" I jumped hearing Louis , I laughed and bit into the apple again "that's funny like I would" The boys looked at me a little offended and I glanced at Niall seeing he was more hurt. "we're not that bad if you gave us a chance" he said quietly walking beside me. He picked up a pack of crisps before walking away into another room. 

Harry sighed watching Niall walk off and then looked at me folding his arms. "what?" I snapped not meaning to. He got up and walked to me as the plane took off. I grabbed hold of the counter to balance myself and felt his arm wrap around my waist "it's okay I got you , you can't fall" he whispered in my ear. I smiled a little letting my hair hide my face so he couldn't see and then frowned . "thanks but I don't need your help " I pushed his arm away and went to sit down near Louis. Pushing Harry away was what was best for everyone me included. I won't let myself get hurt again. Harry frowned and looked around then smirked "oh guys I've invited Stacey to join us for a few nights on tour" he announced. I looked at him and smiled . The rest of the boys looked at him wide eyed "what why?" Liam asked him. "we thought you broke up with her?" Zayn added. Harry looked straight at me "I did but we're back on, we want to give it another try" . I looked away shrugging "might be nice to have some female company as long as she's not boring or posh" i laughed and Louis just shook his head at me . "when she's here stay away from her she will make you worse than you are" he groaned putting his head in his hands.

I gasped "that my dear brother is impossible " I rested my hand on his shoulder and the rest of the boys laughed.

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