troubled and broken hearted, with a broken family that's mending. Can Alexa at the age of 17 take control of her life, deal with her brothers fame and be the girl that everyone wants her to be.
Her past is bad, but when love comes along can she take control and not ruin everything, can she stay strong and not hurt him. Who is he?
Many years of bad luck, does Alexa finally turn her life around?


10. escape attempt 1;


Alexia's pov;

I sat tapping the seat annoyed until i heard the car unlock and the boys get in. While Harry was getting in i threw open the door and ran towards Ian's house. Knowing he would most likely be in and i could hide out there. I looked back while running feeling out of breathe but saw that both Harry and Liam was chasing me. I cursed under my breathe and ran a little faster round the corner and down Ian's road. I saw the usual gang that hangs out round there and stopped running. My heart stopped as Harry and Liam come round the corner and the group saw them. I turned around to Harry and Liam. "you have to go! now..get back to the car! I told them quickly. Harry laughed and walked over to me. "I'm not stupid Lexi, come on you're coming to London" I stepped away. 

"Hey man, what's going on, going to sing us a song" One of the guys shouted and the rest of the group laughed and they approached. I rolled my eyes and paid no attention. "please Liam, Harry just go" I told them nodding. Harry turned to Liam glancing at the group. "Go back get in the car and bring it round" Liam nodded and sprinted of back the other way and I stood looking angry at him. One of the guys in the group winked at me and tried putting his arm around me. "Don't touch her" Harry said glaring at him and pulling me over to him. I wanted to punch both of them and yanked my arm out of his grip. "what you going to do about it, sing us to death" the group continued to laugh as the ring leader stepped forward close to Harry and punched him in the stomach. "there's plenty more where that came from" He hissed. I watch the pain in Harry's eyes and it bothered me, I'm usually the one causing the pain..im used to pain but not his. I push myself between them and look up at him. "Leave him alone" I told him. He laughed and nodded.

I sighed and looked around at the group. "okay..just remember you asked for it" I warned them. I stepped back and threw a punch hitting the guy straight in the nose, his blood instantly covered my knuckles, a few of the boys in the group ran towards me and I cartwheeled out the way and quickly swiped their legs from under them causing them to fall to the ground. I walked over and bent down to them. "didn't your mother ever tell you, that you don't hit girls..maybe this can be your lesson" I smile and check my nails, straighten my hair and walk over to Harry. He stands with his mouth wide open and still with pain in his eyes.

The rest of the group had scampered. "close your mouth Haz, the flies will get in" I say rolling my eyes and seeing the car coming round the corner I quickly pulled the door open while the car was still moving but slowing down and climbed in. "What took you so long?" Harry asks them getting in slowly clutching his stomach. Louis frowns and Liam bites his lip. "What happened?" Liam asks and I laugh and look at Harry. "Its okay Harry saved me..you should have seen the other guy" I looked to Liam and winked and put my headphones in.


Sorry i kind of abandoned, this story and movella, but i've been writing a tvd fanfic on wattpad, and been busy but hopefully I will have more time now because college kicked me out so im free all day everyday. I have a 1D concert in June 6th! Im so excited my first one ever.  .  

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