Dare to dream life as Directioner

An ordinary girl have changed because of the band One Direction


1. Dare to Dream life as Directioner


I'm just a typical girl from a new school called Adt Montessori School. I came from a small private school called St. Rose Academy Inc. I'm 14. My parents are Romel and Leilani. I have a brother called Kobe. I'm friendly and I'm famous from my old school when I was in grade school. Everybody knows me not because my mom is a teacher nor my dad is an office manager. They know me because I'm friendly to everyone. I hate being on a fight. I never had a friendship rivals when I was young but suddenly it all changes when you get old. I'm not saying that I'm always in a big fight but I know you can't avoid having friendship problems like having the same crush, Hahaha.

I have a guy best friend called Von Lester. Actually he is my first crush. My mom and his mom we're friends. He's always there to listen to my problems. We parted our ways when we went to grade 5 because I transfer to a private school. We met after 2 and a half years in Adt.

But before that let me tell you how I become a Directioner. 3 years ago one of my classmate ask me who Zayn Malik was. Her name is Kyra, she asked me me because someone added her on facebook and it was Zayn Malik. She is not too girly and she never had a serious crush before, but Zayn Malik suddenly hit Kyra's heart. The next day she brought some printed pictures of Zayn Malik. That boy is so disturbing that I even search him in facebook and google. After that the result said that he is in band called One Direction together with Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Harry Styles. After that I search everything about them like what country they are from and some facts about them. I feel like my day is not complete without searching them so I search them everytime and that becomes my hobby. I start to like them also.  Their story inspires me a lot. Like Zayn, he's not going to make it to One Direction if his mum didn't begged him to go to X-Factor. I can say that they changed my life so much that some of the teenagers in the world suffer bad life like being pregnant in an early age, being addicted to drugs, then there's me fangirling while watching One Direction Videos and Reading some fanfics. Did I mention I fancy Niall James Horan. I'm not going to lie but I like him before he got a braces. My best friends always ask me why do I like him, that some of the boys are more handsome than him. That's one of the reason I got a fight over my best friends that they look for the outside appearance not the inside appearance. I'm happy when he got a braces but I'm more nervous that if his teeth are fixed he'll become more handsome and all of the directioners will now lie and tell everyone that they are a true Niall's girl since then. I become more worried about Niall. Look after he removed his braces, everyone is going wild. They didn't respect the lads' privacy. Especially Niall, my love. They even mobbed him on his brother Greg's wedding then second his nephew Theo's christening. I'm wishing that they are going to come here in the Philippines. Not all heroes wears capes. Not all heroes have powers. They have the charisma to make every single person changed like me. I may not be as perfect as them but I can make it because of them, they are my inspiration. They are the cause that I play instruments instead of hanging out with some lad. I love them through thick and thin although they won't love me back. Okay back to Von; Me and Von never had a serious talk after he tranfered to my school. That everyone is watching me and him. Even some of my girls classmate told me that I was so flirt that I even flirted my new boy classmate. Deep inside I was hurt a lot. They didn't even know that I was friend with him, that we used to be a super close friends when we we're younger. One time I was with him, my 2 best friends Shane and Alyssa and of course a girl who likes him Kajje went to a sports park. He then play with Alyssa using my Tennis racket. I never let someone use my racket before, cause I was afraid to destroy it by someone. But this time I let him use it. Alyssa got so tired and Von asked me to play with him. i rejected him cause if I play with him everybody will think that I like him although it was true and of course Kajje will surely give me a death glare. On the same day, since it was still early we managed to go to mall near the Sports Center. But we need to ride a tricycle so that we can go to the mall. Me and Alyssa sit at the back of the tricycle, Von told us that we should go sit inside the tricycle but I told Alyssa not to go because I wanted her to be with me at the back of the ride. Von gave Alyssa a death glare and I think Alyssa got scared that's why she go inside the tricycle. Von asked me to go in the middle so that I'm safe. I got mad at him that he even managed to ask me to go sit in the middle. He said that I should go sit in the middle of him and the driver because he don't want me to fall. We had a laugh a serious talk and a banter. He even asked where am I going to study when I get to college. He said that he's going to study in the same school. I swear I'm being hoity toity. Alyssa then told me when we got at the mall that Shane and Kajje is having a private talk that involves Von and Me.After we had a ride Kajje gave me a death glare. That day ended up with jealousy. I hate being with Von if Kajje is there I swear. Then there goes the story of my life

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