The Things On My Street...

This is a short poem about the everyday things you see walking down your street!!!!!!!please like and favourite this!!!!!!!!!


1. The Things On My Street...

Things on my street...

The crooked, moss-infested paving stones.

Splashing water when you step on a loose one.

The spindly, grey lamp post.

Stretching up, its light a beacon of the night.

The little boy on his little red bike.

His dad following him behind.

The many cars that line the kerb.

A few red, a couple silver, one of them blue.

The old man who won't allow you to step on his grass.

His eyes watching you through his kitchen window.

But I guess it's normal to me,

All of these features.

Every morning,

These are what I see.

They're just the ordinary things on my street.



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