Crush Chronicles

Alex wants nothing to do with any boy. She needs to focus on her grades and getting valedictorian of her class. Everything changes this year as she finds herself in a love triangle with her best friend and the schools starting quarter back.


3. How we met

6th grade

"You wanna know why you have no friends Alex? It's because you're ugly!" Justin yelled at me. Everyone at the lunch table laughed. I knew that I wasn't the most beautiful girl at school, but he told me I was ugly everyday. Justin used to be my best friend. I don't know what happened.

We went to home economics and I sat in the back. Mrs.Steps was teaching about child care. I loved Mrs.Steps and I loved her class. She was always so nice and understanding. I was so excited when I was put on her roster. I just wish Justin wasn't in this class.

Something hit me in the face. I heard Justin laugh. It was a note. I opened it up and read what was inside.

"Dear Alex,

Remember in 5th grade when I told you we were gonna be friends forever? I lied. I can barley stand to look at you now. Why did you become so ugly?! And you're almost as stupid as Mrs.Steps. No wonder your parents starting drinking. If I had a daughter like you I'd never want to be sober enough to know it. Just go die."

That's it.

"Mrs.Steps!" I stood up in the middle of the lesson. Everyone turned and looked at me. "Yes Alex?" She was obviously very confused. "May I be excused?" I asked her. Tears were forming in my eyes. There was only 10 minutes of class left. I could go and wait in my next class until the bell rang. Nobody would be in the room. I could be alone.

"Sure.. Do you need a pass?" Mrs.Steps was concerned.

"No ma'am " I left the room

I ran into my next class room. Nobody was there. Tears were pouring down my face now. I got behind the poster board in the back of the room. Nobody would find me back here. There was only one desk by the board and I will get out before anyone comes in. Just then I heard the door open. It was a boy. He was in this class with me. Oh no. He sat here...

He set his books down and sat at the desk reading a book. Has the bell rung? Why was he here. He turned to where I was sitting. "Hey! What are you doing?" He asked. I ignored him. Maybe he will leave me alone. "Are you.... Ok?" He came and sat next to me. I was bawling. I couldn't help it.

"What happened?" He asked. I told him everything. Justin, my parents. I said it all.

"What's your name?" He asked

"A... Alex" I manages to get out through my crying.

"I'm Travis. Let's go talk to the consular ok?" He helped me up and we walked together.

I finally found a friend.

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