Crush Chronicles

Alex wants nothing to do with any boy. She needs to focus on her grades and getting valedictorian of her class. Everything changes this year as she finds herself in a love triangle with her best friend and the schools starting quarter back.


4. Good Morning Class

I sat in the back of the classroom. I like sitting in the back. Most people who enjoy school as much as I do always want to be in the front row. I've always sat in the back though. I don't say much and I never raise my hand so I think it's a nice place for me. There's one open seat next to me. Our classroom can seat 30 but there's only 29 in our class.

"Good morning class! How are you all? That's great!! Whose ready for some biology?! I am!" Mr.Pipper practically yelled when he talked. We all excepted the fact that he was most likely crazy a while ago. I loved his class though!

Mrs.Landers our principal opened the door. "Mr.Pipper. We have a student class transfer. Mr.Smith will now be in your biology class." She walked all the way in. Brendan Smith followed behind her. Brendan Smith? How did he make it into advanced classes?

Brendan was our schools starting Quarterback. He's always been so popular. I have to admit he isn't bad to look at. He's tall with dark hair and blue eyes. He is so strong. Ever since we were in middle school, Brendan was all the girls favorite topic. Personally I never cared. I also never pictured him to be in advanced placement. All of the sudden I realized something. The only open desk was the one right next to me.

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