What happens when all five boys from a very well known bot band fall for the same girl who will win her over


1. The meet

Harry's POV

as we walked out on stage I turned and noticed two girls in the front row who were dancing and having a really good time the one on the right had light brown hair that was curly at the end she was wearing an oversized sweater that said lol on the front, the girl beside her had a pair of jeans on and a oversized t shirt that had haha written on it. She also had her hair pulled up into a pony tail. During the show I ran backstage to get two back stage passes and came back on stage went right up to them and handed them the passes. 


Christina aka Chrissy POV

After the show me and Emily walked up to the backstage entrance and were stopped by a bouncer we showed him the passes and he let us in. We wander back a bit and then suddenly five boys all ran up to us picked us up and ran in a little room at the back. When they put us down we were in a fit of laughing "so do you do that to all of your fans?"

"nah just use" said Louis  

"so what are your names?" Asked Liam 

"I'm Chrissy and the one with the huge T-shirt is Emily "

"want a drink?" Niall asked in his adorable Irish accent 

" no thanks" I replied 

"did use enjoy the show girls?" Zany asked

"yeah it was awesome" Emily replied

we sat down to watch a film and I sat down next to Liam on one side and Niall on the other 

after watching the film for a bit Liam whispered "I want to show you something"

I slowly followed Liam up a staircase and at the top he opened the door and we were on the roof it was beautiful. There was a garden up there. I walked over and found a spray bottle I then went over to the tap and filled it i ran back up to Liam and squirted it in his face. He just looked at me and then chased me around the roof I ran into a wall and cornered my self. Liam walked up and I yelled "please don't soak me" and Liam put a hand on one side of the wall and said

"I had something else in mind he then dropped the squirted and put his other hand on the wall he leaned in towards me and I leaned in to him and it happen his gorgeous lips touched mine and sparks flew and I really did feel fireworks we pulled away and stared into each others eyes and I said "we should probably get back" 

"yeah we should"

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