Who am I?

Cassia has always been a happy child in Amity but after she turns twelve she realizes how unhappy she is with the Amity life-styles. she soon becomes depressed and does not want to live life as a Amity, on the day of her choosing ceremony she decides she will become Dauntless, something she has feared to be since she was little. now she decides to step out of her comfort zone to be happy once again.


4. Time for choosing

I woke up the next morning with my mother shaking my shoulder. i sat up and looked up at her with confusion "Cassia today is your choosing ceremony, and i know you will choose a different Faction to be with Nathan but i want you to know that i will always love you, no matter what you choose." she handed my a locket, i opened it and saw a picture of her and my dad, i looked up at her with tears in my eyes "Aw baby don't cry, it's gonna be okay. this is just something to remember your father and me by. We love you so much and we just want you to be happy. god your eyes look beautiful, so blue and vibrant. you will be a beautiful woman one day, just remember if you choose Dauntless, never get any face tattoos. your way to beautiful for that" i nodded. she got up and walked out. i got up and walked to the mirror, my eyes were so vibrant. I've always loved my combination of blue eyes and wavy brown hair. i smiled. i walked to my closet and grabbed a pair of red skinny jeans and a tight yellow shirt with v neck. all i needed were my trusty red converse. i ran down the stairs and met my father at the bottom, he smiled and gave me a tight hug. i hugged him back. when we let go i wiped tears from my face, when did i start crying? i smiled at them. Jake walked down the stairs in a all red outfit. this will be the last time we wear red because after this we will be dauntless

we walked up the steps to the place where we will choose our future. Jake and I lined up with the other Amity. as always the Abnegation would go first, then us, then Candor, dauntless and last would be Erudite. Maybe Erudite was last because they had to choose and think about it carefully, i smiled at the stupid thought. Erudite was always last because the Factions are put in alphabetical order and E was last out of all the Factions. I scanned the Abnegation until i found Nathan, he was pretty close to the beginning of the line, but at least he wasn't first. he was behind Beatrice Prior, a girl who was very pretty and looked Dauntless, i wondered what she would choose. Mr. Eaton came up to the post and started to talk, which i really didn't listen to because i knew how this all worked and the history of the Factions and all that crap. after he finished talking the line started. the first couple of Abnegation, like one or two, decide that they would stay as Abnegation. losers. Then Caleb Prior came up to the big bowls. Caleb Prior was a good guy, he was the perfect Abnegation, he would surely stay Abnegation. He took the knife from Mr. Eaton and slid it across his hand. He walked over to the Erudite bowl and let his blood drip into it, smiling while doing so. i looked at Beatrice, who was his sister and she looked at him with disgust. She was next. she went up and grabbed the knife. she slid it over her palm in one swift move and let her blood drip to the Dauntless. i smiled as Nathan went up and did the same thing. The line grew shorter and shorter and then it soon reached Jake. he went up and grabbed the knife, in a not so swift movement, cut his hand. i expected him to walk over to the Dauntless bowl but instead he walked to the Erudite bowl and let the blood drip. I couldn't believe him. he said he wanted to go to dauntless, but he choose ERUDITE!!!! we used to tease the Erudite about there smarts. I looked at him in disgust and  walked up to take the knife. i looked up some where i was standing. i found my mother and father, my mother in tears, my father sending the death glare at Jake. I put the knife to my inner arm and cut at it. i walked over to dauntless and watched my own blood drop into the bowl. i looked back at my mother and father. both were smiling at me, i had made the right chose. i walked to where the other dauntless where and to Nathan. i grabbed his hand and smiled. when the choosing ceremony ended we were herded outside to the train tracks. the guy who lend us out to the tracks yelled out to us "Okay so this will be your first test, you need to jump on the moving train. oh here they come now" we looked out to see the train. Nathan and i started to run. i jumped into the train landing on my stomach. i turned to help Nathan onto the car, he grabbed my hand and got both his feet on the side of the car. "On Three!!!" he yell and i yelled "ONE,TWO, THREE!!" on three we both swung and he landed on top of me in the car. we both laughed. we stood up and standing in the cart with us were a couple of the Dauntless kids who decide to stay in Dauntless. they looked impressed with our skills "You two are the only transfers in the first cart, that means you both have some serious guts, Welcome to Dauntless, so we have a Stiff and Softy here with us" we nodded, stiff and softy was a slang the dauntless used for Abnegation and Amity. They laughed. "Well you two are about to face a harder test, the jump." Nathan and I looked over. There was the ledge, where we either die or live. i grabbed Nathans hand "Ready?" he asked and i, in returned said "Hell yes". as the ledge came closer we all got ready to jump. Nathan and i jumped at the same time, with our eyes closer. we hit ground. I opened my eyes and realized we both lived and were very far away from the edge. I hugged Nathan "We did it, we aren't dead" I nodded in response. Our trainer, i guess that was what he was, rounded us up. "Okay who wants to jump first" We looked around and search for the thing we were jumping. then we found it, it was a large black hole in the ground. Beatrice stepped up to it and jumped, followed by Christina, a Candor girl. I wanted to try so i ran to the hole and jumped after her. at the end i was met by a net. a guy that looked a couple of years older than me helped me out of the net, "Hello I'm Four, What shall we call you" i thought about this for a second. "My name is Cassia, nice to meet you Four" i heard a yell come from the hole and realized another person was coming, and that person was Nathan, Four helped him out of the net "Hey man, I'm Four and what might we call you?" He looked up at Four "I'm Nate" i looked at Nathan, Nate? i shrugged it off, at least it matched his name and wasn't like calling someone Jace when there name is really John, that would be stupid. i looked at him. we stood together until the rest came down. Four came and stood in front of all of us "Hello everyone, Welcome to Dauntless"

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