Who am I?

Cassia has always been a happy child in Amity but after she turns twelve she realizes how unhappy she is with the Amity life-styles. she soon becomes depressed and does not want to live life as a Amity, on the day of her choosing ceremony she decides she will become Dauntless, something she has feared to be since she was little. now she decides to step out of her comfort zone to be happy once again.


1. Amity Life

 Right now I'm twelve years old. now before i tell you anything more let me tell you something about myself. i was always a Happy Child, what else do you expect from a child born into the Amity. I had lived in a house with a mother and father and a big brother with me, so i was never really alone. I was always popular at my school with my people, I had a good life, but at the time, i was thinking that my life was so boring. wouldn't you if you had to do the same thing everyday for twelve years. i woke to the thought of this, this morning. when i did, i heard a soft knock on my door and when it opened i saw my brother, Jake, in his normal clothes of red and yellow. i sighed and smiled at him. "Good morning Cassia, did you sleep well?". Now this was a normal morning conversation with my brother, which at some times, was very annoying. "I slept very well, thank you for asking. How 'bout you" he looked at me, "I slept good, thanks. well you better get up, we have a big day ahead of us" i just smiled at him as he walked out of the room. Twelve year old me used to think this was very kind of my brother to do so everyday, but that morning everything changed for me, that morning i felt a emotion that i thought didn't existed, I felt annoyance. that's when things started to change, and still today i don't know if it was for better or worse. i got dressed in a red dress and converse. or was it yellow, hell i don't remember this all happened five years ago. I'm just going to say i was wearing red cause i don't really care anymore. Anyway i dressed in a red dress and converse with my hair tied up with a yellow bow. (I'm assuming it was yellow, i am seriously getting annoyed with my memory of everything). i walked down the stairs to see my mother at the stove and my father and brother at the table. i walked to the table and sat down. my mother turned to me and said "Good morning Cassia, don't you look cute today, Get dressed up for that Nathan boy today? ah young love is so cute and sweet. so harmless" i just smiled at my mother and nodded. Nathan was a boy from Abnegation that i started to talk to. He, at the time, Seemed perfectly harmless and nice, that's mostly why i liked him (Later i found out he was the bad boy of my dreams, in which that you will soon understand more about). my mother served me a plate of eggs and pancakes, "Actually mother i don't think I'm quite hungry today, could i just go to school" she nodded and took up the plate of food. i got up and hugged her, she squeezed me tight in return. i smiled and walked to the door, as i walked out of my house and let out a breath then i started to run. i ran down the street eager to get to school. at the street before i met up with Nathan. Now what you have to understand about Nathan is that he isn't like other Abnegation boys who hate to show feelings, he would love to parade me around school with my hand is his, but that would be against all of his "beliefs". He smiled at me and gave me a big hug and a small kiss. Since at the time we were twelve we thought this would be as far as we would go (Now that we are five years older at the age of seventeen we do stuff i really shouldn't explain in full detail...lets just say things get intense, very very intense if you know what i mean). we walked toward the direction of school hand-in-hand, as soon as the school got in sight we let go of each others hands, afraid we might be seen. we walked into the school and went our separate ways. That day was pretty normal, classes normal and everything else seemed okay, except for my attitude. i had to fake smile at everyone who smiled at me when on the inside i thought all this happy stuff was crap. i didn't know what had gotten into me, but it felt good not to be happy for a change. this was a new beginning for me, a new start into the life i am living right now 

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