Baby Bump (Liam Fanfic)

Farrah and Liam have been bestfriends since little babies. They've always done everything together. He was her other half. Liam promised her they will always be bestfriends Forever. But what if Forever doesn't last. She moves away and comes back to find out Liam is in the group called One Direction. What if one night she goes to a club with her friends and get drunk. Next thing she knows bam! She had a one night stand with the one and only Liam Payne. They both don't remember anything. 1 week later she knows she's pregnant realizing it was her bestfriend Liam. What happens when Eleanor tells her One Direction is coming to England? How will the boys react? Especially Liam? Find out.


1. Prologue




*Farrah’s POV.*


“Wakey wakey Sleeping Beauty” I groaned. I don’t want to go to school today. I just wanted to stay in my warm cozy bed still dreaming about that Hollister model I saw the other day. He was super hot! Mmmmm……. My dreamy thoughts were interrupted by someone pulling the warm covers off of me. The cold air sent me goose bumps quickly I tried to wrap my arms around my shivering body when I heard a boy laughing. Liam. Oh I’m going to get him back.

“You don’t want to get up Farrah? Ok, I’ll make you get up.” ‘I swear I heard a smirk after that. Uh-oh what’s he going to do? Please don’t be something b’ I spoke too soon. I felt water coming down fast on me.

“AHHHH!” I screamed getting up. He just splashed me with water! I glared at Liam. So I was right! It was him! It was that little butthole! I saw him laughing hard but when he saw my famous ‘mad face’ he stopped and took a step back before running out of my room. I ran after him chasing him down the stairs and all around the house before I gave out. I’m not good at running. You see girls at my school call me fat and I do believe them, I am.

“Hey, sorry I made you run. Are you ok?” Liam’s voice sounded so caring. He put his arm on my back. My head nodded yes even though I lacked air. After a while I playfully but hard punched him his arm.

“Ouch. What was that for Farrah?” he said pouting.

“You got me wet!” Liam smirked.

My eyes widened, “Not that”

“You already said it” he said cutting me off laughing.

I crossed my arms. He said I wouldn’t wake up. I just huffed and went upstairs to change for another day of school.

*At school*

Liam and I walked in school together laughing my butt off because Liam kept singing “The adventuuuuuuuurrrrreeeeesssss of Farrah and Liammmmmm! We go on expeditions to find buried treasure while Farrah checks out Hollister guys!” Well that wasn’t even half of the song! I went to my locker that was across Liam’s while he goes to his. I opened my locker and took out my heavy Trig/Calculus book closing my locker. I know what you’re thinking I’m a nerd and I was smart enough to go to a 10th grade class.:D As I turned around I saw Courtney and her friends the ones that always try to bring me down. *sigh*

“Hey, nerd. Or should I say ugly chubby nerd” her friends started laughing which was pretty annoying.

“You think you know it all because you’re in calculus doesn’t mean anything piggy! Why don’t you go to fat camp?” Wow. That really hurt. She slapped my book down and I was about to pick it up when she pinned me to my locker.

“You’re nothing b-“

“Shut up Courtney!” Liam yelled pulling her off of me. Courtney looked shocked as well as I did. I guess no one has yelled at her like that. His back was in front of me protecting me. His face was red. Everyone seemed to start staring but he didn’t care.

“The only ugly chubby pig is you!” he barked at her. I was surprised at his actions. With that Courtney ran away crying and everyone seemed to leave since the bell rang. I can’t believe he did that for me. My bestfriend, my other half. He had the courage to do that, stand up for me. Liam turned to me and his face softened. My arms wrapped around him hugging him.

“Thank you” I let a tear out.

He pulled away and wiped the tear. He smiled “You’re not fat, chubby, or ugly. You’re the most beautiful creature in the entire world and galaxy I’ve ever seen.” That made me smile. “Come on. Let’s go to class.”

Long story short Liam is, well he’s my bestfriend since like forever! Our parents were friends in high school. I know that’s kinda a long time. Like I said, Liam is my bestfriend and he’s amazing! He always knows what to say if I’m feeling low, he always knows how to make me laugh and smile. I don’t know what I’ll do which out him! ……….. But that changed when my dad got a job in the U.S.


Hiiiiii :D

This is my first story guys, so please no hate. I'm going to try to update everyday if I can. Hope you guys like it.! And please follow me c: Please comment and vote! Thanks, loves. Bye xxxox

~ SarahStypayhorlikson ♥

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