Baby Bump (Liam Fanfic)

Farrah and Liam have been bestfriends since little babies. They've always done everything together. He was her other half. Liam promised her they will always be bestfriends Forever. But what if Forever doesn't last. She moves away and comes back to find out Liam is in the group called One Direction. What if one night she goes to a club with her friends and get drunk. Next thing she knows bam! She had a one night stand with the one and only Liam Payne. They both don't remember anything. 1 week later she knows she's pregnant realizing it was her bestfriend Liam. What happens when Eleanor tells her One Direction is coming to England? How will the boys react? Especially Liam? Find out.


2. Chapter 1


Tears came out of my eyes as I packed the last of my things in a box. Three days ago my parent’s said we’re moving to the United States because of my dad’s job. I couldn’t believe it! I started bawling my eyes out when they told me. It was really difficult to tell Liam.


“Come on Farrah. We need to leave!” My dad called out. I wiped the tears and looked at my room that I was going to miss and walked out.


*Minutes Later


My parents hugged and said their goodbyes to Liam’s sobbing parents, well both our parents were crying. Liam and I sat down silently looking at our poor parents. All of a sudden I felt strong arms pull me to their chest. I looked up at Liam; he had a tear rolling down his face. I’ve never seen him cry.

“I’m going to miss you Farrah….” His voice cracked. “I don’t want you to go” he held me tighter like no other.


“I’m going to miss you too” my voice soft. I couldn’t take it anymore I burst down in tears.

“Shhh. We’ll always be bestfriends always” He pulled away and told me to close my eyes. So I did. He lifted my hair.

“Open. Do you like it?” It was a beautiful necklace carved ‘L+F=Forever’

“I love it! Thank you!” I hugged him as he smiled.

“Forever Farrah. I promise. Bestfriends Forever”


*End of Flashback


I looked down at my necklace. It didn’t feel the same anymore. Liam told me Forever but that was a lie. He stopped talking to me, replying to my text messages, and my letters. His explanation is he’s too busy. I thought we would always keep in touch. What about Forever? I guess it would never be the same.14 years ago I was with him and now I’m not. I have to let go of the past and look towards the future. I guess he lost me.


 I’m 17 and living in the U.S. It’s been awesome! I met friends which are my new besties, no not besties, sisters that I could trust! They say trust no bitch but I trust these. A little about them Danielle she’s 18 and a professional dancer. She’s Gorgeous! She has the skills and moves. I wish I would dance like her. She has brown hair really pretty curly hair and is ¼ Italian, ¼ American, ½ Guyanese. I know Wow. I met her at the boiling alley along with Eleanor my other sister. She’s a Hollister model! She’s perfect and beautiful! She has brown wavy hair. And she’s from England! My other sisters are Katt, Pearl, and Michaela they were totally friendly to me when I entered school. Our group is called Twerk Team! Katt is short for Katelynn she’s my triforce Legend of Zelda buddy! She’s super pretty and I love her style! Pearl, my short buddy is super gorgeous and adorable!  I also love her clothes! She has a twin I was like I quote myself “OMG!” :O. And Michaela my ginger, epic, beautiful buddy is super duper incredible. Supposedly Gingers have no souls but she does. The best thing is we all love Starbucks!


I wonder what Liam is doing….. No Farrah stop! Stop thinking about him. He’s the past. I just want to forget about what England, about hangout in our tree house, about his mom making us the best cookies, about the sleepovers, about Forever, and …….about Liam.



So I'm probably going to update tomorrow.

I hope you guys like it! Please no hate.

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